‘Like Thieves in the Night’




    Shifra Vepua

    ‘Like Thieves in the Night’

    “Throughout this period the Arabs build and take over the land in a systematic and organized manner in Area C, and law enforcement agencies do not speak up” • Full Story

    Arutz Sheva


    Incoming Jewish Home MK Bezalel Smotrich fumed Tuesday at the destruction of a Kiryat Arba synagogue on Tuesday morning, after the Civil Administration moved to demolish the structure overnight.

    “The destruction of the Hazon David synagogue last night in Kiryat Arba is a serious incident,” Smotrich stated. “Again and again [the Civil Administration] bears the name of the rule of law in vain, against the Jews only.”

    Smotrich further accused the upper echelons of the political system of orchestrating a de facto building freeze in Judea and Samaria.

    “Throughout this period the Arabs build and take over the land in a systematic and organized manner in Area C, and law enforcement agencies do not speak up,” he continued. “Jewish Home cannot sit in a government that doesn’t change direction on this.”

    “I support my heroes – Kiryat Arba residents who are proudly clinging soil of the Holy Land and are convinced that the synagogue will be rebuilt, simply because it’s the truth,” Smotrich added. “In the end they will win.”

    “We are protesting the demolition,” Kiryat Arba Regional Council mayor Malachi Levinger added. “The synagogue was built 14 years ago and since has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.”

    “It is no secret that in recent months we were in talks with the Arab who claims to own the land in order to legalize the illegal construction of a synagogue located within the jurisdiction of the local council, and that it was presented to the High Court for Justice,” Levinger continued. “Unfortunately, Defense Ministry officials did not understand the gravity of the issue and decided to destroy the synagogue.”

    The Women in Green (WiG) movement also released a harsh condemnation of its own Tuesday morning.

    “The Hazon David synagogue has been destroyed for the 36th time,” according to the statement, penned by WiG founders Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover. Katsover is one of Hazon David’s founders and personally pushed for the synagogue’s reconstruction, Matar revealed to Arutz Sheva early Tuesday.

    “Like thieves in the night, armed with heavy equipment, the destruction contractor and a tight chain of policemen managed within two hours to leave the place as a heap of rubble.”

    “The Holy Ark and Torah scroll were exiled,” they continued. “What a terrible sight.”

    “The roar of bulldozers dug deeply into their hearts but the people’s spirit remains strong. As sure as the sun will shine tomorrow, we know that tomorrow, a synagogue will arise anew.”

    Matar and Katsover called on the national leadership to intervene.

    “The people’s spirit is indeed strong but where is the spirit of the leadership that was just elected by our own will?” they asked.

    “We call on the nationalist representatives: Stop the destruction. Allow things to be sorted out. Allow for the time for the necessary arrangements to be made. Do not lend your hand to wanton destruction. You wereelected in order to build. To develop. Do not betray the will of the people.”

    Hazon David was built in 2001, in memory of David Hacohen and Chezi Muallem, who were killed by terrorists. Hacohen was killed when terrorists fired at his vehicle near the entrance to Kiryat Arba.


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