Boston Area Gets Beautiful Mehudar Mikvah




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    Boston Area Gets Beautiful Mehudar Mikvah

    A brand new gorgeous Mikvah opened in a Boston suburb, built by Mikvah expert Rabbi Elozor Raichik of Crown Heights, under the supervision of world-renowned Halachic authority Rabbi Yirmiya Katz of Borough Park ● The new Mikvah incorporates all the Hidurim of the Rebbe Rashab, making it one of the only such Mikvahs in the world ● Full Story, Pictures

    A Brand New Gorgeous Mikvah Bor Al Gabai Bor Opened in Malden, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston MA.)

    The Mikvah was built by Congregation Beth Israel under the Leadership of Rabbi Yitzchak Zeev Rabinowitz and Executive Director, Matthew Garland.

    This Mikvah is built with a Bor Mei Geshomeim under the Bor Hatvilah (Bor Al Gabei Bor), as the Rebbe Rashab instituted.

    The Mikvah has a special uniqueness as it was built with all the Hidurim that Rebbe Rashab instituted in the famous Mikvah of Rostov, Russia. It has a separate rain storage cistern. That allows the Mikvah to change the Mei Geshomiem in the boros, on a regular basis without closing down for an extended period of time to wait for new rain water. This feature is very special and unique as very few Mikvaos around the world outside of Eretz Yisroel have this special Hidur.

    The Mikvah is one of the most modern and up to date Mikvaos in the Boston Area. It has a beautiful waiting room, modern prep rooms with a jacuzzi, and radiant heated floors. In addition there are many comfort and amenities making the Mikvah experience very enjoyable.

    The Executive Director, Matthew Garland, put in his utmost effort and time that the Mikvah should become a reality. He supervised the construction from its conception to its opening.

    The Mikvah was built under the Halachik and practical guidance of one of the greatest Halachik authorities on Mikvaos, Harav Yermiyohu Katz.

    The world renowned, globe-trotting Mikvah consultant, Rabbi Elozor Raichik of Crown Heights provided on hands supervision and guided the general contractor and all sub-contractors in all areas of the general Mikvah construction.

    The Mikvah Is now open for daily use. Because of its appealing looks, it encourages many women to start keeping the laws of Taharas Hamispacha with dignity.

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    Boston Area Gets Beautiful Mehudar Mikvah