Back to Basics Sichos Program


    Back to Basics Sichos Program

    The much sought-after and long-awaited Sichos program “Back to Basics” has announced that it is releasing a fully developed and ready-to-use professional curriculum for the coming school year • Full Story, Sample, Video


    The much sought-after and long-awaited Sichos program “Back to Basics” has announced that it is releasing a fully developed and ready-to-use professional curriculum for the coming school year.

    After several years of producing the sichos booklets and gaining tremendous popularity in schools, Yeshivos, Chabad Houses and seminaries, the Back to Basics team agreed that it was time to take the project to the next level.

    The Sichos of the Rebbe contain deep insights into the weekly Parshah, enriched with practical lessons on how to live our lives to the fullest. This curriculum will allow each student to develop the necessary skills in order to master learning a yiddish Sicha on their own, as well as emphasize the relevance of the lessons the Rebbe brings forth through his sichos. As one educator put it: “This multi-dimensional curriculum is really what education is all about; giving the kids the tools they need in order to learn on their own. Essentially we are giving them a gift that will last a lifetime.”

    While many English-speaking schools already have a Sichos program incorporated into their curriculum, Back to Basics is unique in that it focuses on understanding the Yiddish language and foundational structure of a sicha, learnt directly from the original Likutei Sichos text.  In this way, their sicha experience covers every angle, as they learn the content from the original source while simultaneously gathering the necessary skills that will enable them to ultimately learn a sicha on their own.

    The program is geared specifically towards Chavrusa-based learning as opposed to a typical classroom setting. This revolutionary aspect of the B2B curriculum is designed in a step-by-step format whereby skills are gradually accumulated, so that at no time are students overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, and thus learning sichos becomes empowering, exciting, enjoyable and gratifying.

    Since the inception of the Back to basics professional curriculum last Tishrei, many professional educators and Mashpiim have been involved and they agree this will completely revolutionize the way the younger generation learns and relates to the Rebbe’s Sichos.

    As one mashpia said “Why has no one done this earlier? The importance of such a project is staring us in the face. Likutei Sichos is the greatest gift we have and it is imperative that we pass that gift along to our youth.”

    The B2b curriculum is structured to include a teacher’s guide which is full of comprehensively prepared lesson plans, providing the teacher with additional stories, discussion starters and references to both simplify and enhance the learning experience in the classroom.  The student workbooks are formatted in a manner that is clear, flowing and simple to read, featuring modern and appealing graphic design while also reflecting the authentic structure of the original Likutei Sichos.

    The thoroughly researched and trialed learning system is a timeless and invaluable educational tool; a perfect opportunity for any high school, mesivta, Yeshivah, seminary, and Chabad House that wishes to bring the Rebbe’s sichos to life in a manner that is achievable and relatable to every student.

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