19 Kislev in Postville




    Chalukas Shas 5784

    19 Kislev in Postville

    Last week in honor of the Chag Hageulah of Yed Tes Kislev, a special Farbrengen was held in Postville, Iowa. Anash and the Bochurim participated at the event, followed by a Farbrengen through the night • Photos

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    Copy of IMG_20151201_194200

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    Copy of IMG_20151201_194238

    Copy of IMG_20151201_194319

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    Copy of IMG_20151201_194358

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    Copy of IMG_20151201_194449

    Copy of IMG_20151201_201105

    Copy of IMG_20151201_205950

    Copy of IMG_20151201_210618

    Copy of IMG_20151201_210713

    Copy of IMG_20151201_220457

    Copy of IMG_20151201_225212

    Copy of IMG_20151201_225233

    Copy of IMG_20151201_225344

    Copy of IMG_20151201_225419

    Copy of IMG_20151201_225614

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    19 Kislev in Postville