Moshiach Chidon a Smashing Success



    Moshiach Chidon a Smashing Success

    For the first time in history, eight North American mesivtos came together to study Inyonei Geulah U’Moshiach to compete in a special Chidon, testing them on their breadth of knowledge on the subject • Full Story, Photos

    A historic event has taken place Motzoei Shabbos, Gimmel Tammuz! 8 Mesivtos in North America, joined together for a Chidon on Geula and Moshiach!

    The participating Yeshivos were: Oholei Torah, Chovevei Torah, Montreal, Pottsville, Correll Springs, Kingston and Queens.

    As the day to the Chidon drew nearer, hundreds of Bochurim intensified their studying of the material and were rewarded with raffles, winning many expensive Seforim.

    Out of all the Yeshivos, 150 Bocburim mastered the material exceptionally and were rewarded with the special edition of דבר מלכות חידושים וביאורים בהלכות מלכים להרמב”ם.

    Out of the 150 Bochurim participating, 11 finalists from all the Yeshivos competed in an open Chidon, this past Motzoei Shabbos, in the Oholei Torah ballroom.

    The finalists were Hatmimim:
    Yaakov Lerner, Mendel Baras, Boruch Elkayam. M.M. Lagziel, Smaya Pruss, Yossi Lewis, Daniel Holtzman, M.M. Sandhaus, Yosef Hendel, Shlomo Marosov and Levi Movsikov.

    The first-place winner and winner of an original Mamar that was held and looked over by the Rebbe, was Hatomim Levi Movsikov, from yeshiva of Cincinnati. The second place winner, and winner of a dollar from the Rebbe, was Hatomim Yosef Hendel, from Queens.

    The honorable judges for the Chidon, were Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Rabbi Zushe Willhelm and Rabbi Smuel Chaim Bluming. The judges also spoke throughout the evening, inspiring the Bochurim about learning Geula U’Moshiach and Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

    The M.C. of the evening was Rabbi Nissim Lagziel, Mashpia of Oholei Torah.

    The event was combined with a Siyum HoRambam, made by Rabbi M.M. Hendel, director of the Yeshiva in Queens.

    The evening was concluded with live music and dancing.

    A big yashar koach to all the Bochurim who studied diligently, as well as the Hanhallas and Shluchim of the participating Yeshivos. A special thank you goes to the Shluchim and Hanhalla of the Yeshiva in Queens, led by Rabbi Mendel Scharf, for organizing this entire event.

    An event of such magnitude is quite costly. While most of the funds were raised, there is still is still a large amount that needs to still be raised. Please take part and help cover the cost of this spectacular event by sending your donations through Zelle or PayPal ly[email protected]


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    Moshiach Chidon a Smashing Success