From One Shliach To Another: Why Did I Even Go On Shlichus?



    From One Shliach To Another: Why Did I Even Go On Shlichus?

    In honor of this year’s Kinus Hashluchim, Chabadinfo in collaboration with Beis Moshiach Magazine Presents: From One Shliach To Another, a daily OP-ED throughout the Kinus where five Shluchim will give advice to other shluchim. Today Rabbi Mendel Haller of Dingley Village, Australia shares his advice for his fellow Shluchim • Full Article

    By Rabbi Mendel Haller, Dingley Village, Australia

    I recently got a phone call that shook me up and the truth is that this is such a deep point that it should rightly ‘wake up’ anybody who bears the title of ‘shliach.’

    An organizer of the Kinus called me and said: I heard you are doing Moshiach and Geula activities. As part of the Kinus program, we are looking for shluchim who will share what they are doing in the inyan of Moshiach.

    This line really had me agitated because it made me stop and think: What am I doing? Am I doing enough? The answer I gave myself is no, I’m not doing enough.

    How can I say about myself that I’m doing something in inyanei Moshiach to publicize the Rebbe’s Besuras HaGeula as compared to other shluchim in the world who are moser nefesh to bring Moshiach – the hisgalus of the Rebbe? That’s what I thought and I felt that I’m really not okay.

    BM 2 in magazine articles

    Upon deeper reflection, it became crystal clear to me that this needs to be a true cry from the soul. If I cannot say what I’m doing to bring Moshiach in my shlichus and what I’m doing that is connected to Moshiach in my shlichus, what am I doing altogether? Am I on shlichus? Isn’t this the reason why I went on shlichus, to bring Moshiach?

    That’s the whole point of what I do since I’ve gone on shlichus and the motivator for all I do, i.e. to bring Moshiach. Now, someone comes and asks me what I’m doing to bring Moshiach and I have nothing to tell him? How can this be?

    That’s All Fine And Good – Is Moshiach In The Picture?

    So, first of all, this demand needs to be at the forefront of everything I do as a shliach of the Rebbe, to ask myself again and again: What are my activities in inyanei Moshiach?

    I believe that every shliach, it makes no difference what he does, certainly does everything to bring Moshiach. The only difference is, whether we recognize this and understand that our entire involvement in shlichus is to bring Moshiach.

    If I, as a shliach, think that I’m here in order to do mivtza tefillin and big Chanuka parties, so that I’ll have minyanim; if I think that this is the message and this is the point, then where is Moshiach in the picture? All these positive activities are fine and good, and they certainly must be done, but how does this advance me in my role to bring Moshiach?

    To the best of my understanding, when the Rebbe said that the only shlichus is “kabbolas pnei Moshiach,” this meant that even if from the outside it looks like the same thing, one needs to feel Moshiach inside. Even when we do simple things like arrange a minyan, we need to recognize and feel that this is in order to bring about the hisgalus of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach.

    Inspiration And Renewed Energy

    It all begins with having regular learning sessions of inyanei Moshiach and Geula. A few years ago, I was dealing with several personal matters and when I spoke with my mashpia, a shliach in the area, he told me: A new sefer recently came out called Inyano shel Moshiach. I personally got inspiration and renewed energy from this sefer in inyanei Moshiach and hiskashrus which raised my spirit and helped me overcome many things.

    I was convinced by the mashpia and indeed, he helped me get the sefer and I have to say, it really opened my eyes!

    Yes, I learned many sichos of the Rebbe. I learned many of the sichos of 5751-5752, the Dvar Malchus, but the way that Rabbi Wolf presents it all in such an organized way in his sefer, enables me to see exactly what the Rebbe is saying in a truly concrete way.

    When I started learning the sefer, it gave me new chayus in my shlichus. It gave me a new goal to work toward. I had a new vision for my shlichus, how I see Moshiach in every detail and every issue and activity.

    I didn’t keep these feelings to myself. I shared them with fellow shluchim here in Australia and a short while later we started a shiur for shluchim in this sefer. This led to another shiur in inyanei Moshiach and Geula in more general topics and I think it brought about a new awakening among the shluchim here in Australia in the subject of Moshiach.

    I recommend that every shliach spend time learning Geula and Moshiach which helped me instill the chayus of Moshiach in every detail and to fulfill the shlichus which our Melech, our Moshiach gave us.


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