From One Shliach To Another: Put Moshiach In Your Annual Budget!


    From One Shliach To Another: Put Moshiach In Your Annual Budget!

    In honor of this year’s Kinus Hashluchim, Chabadinfo in collaboration with Beis Moshiach Magazine Presents: From One Shliach To Another, a daily OP-ED throughout the kinus where five Shluchim will give advice to other shluchim. Today Rabbi Yisrolik Zaltzman of Toronto, Canada shares his advice for his fellow Shluchim • Full Article

    By Rabbi Yisrolik Zaltzman, Toronto, Canada

    “The gateway,” the “zahir tfei,” “the gate of all inyanei shlichus through which all the other shlichus matters go through.” These are concepts which we all know quite well from the sicha of the Kinus HaShluchim 5752.

    The Rebbe gives a slightly different definition to the concept of a “shaar.” The Rebbe cites what is explained in Chassidus about the concept “zahir tfei.” In chapter 7 of Igeres HaKodesh of Tanya, the Alter Rebbe explains about the famous question of Raba to R’ Yosef, “In what was your father zahir tfei (exceedingly careful)?” that every Jew has a certain mitzva, and every generation has a certain role, that aside from all the mitzvos that need to be done in the best possible way, there needs to be something that stands out about this particular thing. As the Alter Rebbe puts it:

    “This is necessary only for the sake of additional prioritizing, vigilance and zeal, with greater measure and greater force, doubled and redoubled, far beyond one’s zeal in the other mitzvos.” If we look closely at the original wording, we find that the Alter Rebbe puts in twelve different terms to express the unique involvement in one’s area of “zahir tfei.”

    The Rebbe does not suffice with our instilling Moshiach in a “makif” sort of way in everything we do. The Rebbe wants specific focused activities dedicated exclusively to Moshiach! Let’s say this straight out: If a Chabad House has a budget for programs, shiurim, mosdos, all the good things, there needs to be “additional prioritizing, vigilance and zeal with greater measure and greater force, doubled and redoubled, far beyond” the budget for all the other activities when it comes to the budget for the inyan of Moshiach!

    A Retiree and a Professor Have Become ‘Moshiach Mentchen’!

    The Rebbe ends the sicha of Chayei Sarah with one definitive directive: to announce to all the shluchim – “to come and bring good resolutions.” The Rebbe says very clearly to explain “inyano shel Moshiach” to each and every one “in a way of chochma, bina, and daas.”

    Why is this so important? Because when you yourself speak about Moshiach or write about it on a flyer, that’s important but not enough. The Jews around you get that you’re living with it but they aren’t with you on this. They don’t relate to what you relate to. Each of us must give a series of shiurim and have other activities focused on Moshiach, so the people around us will truly relate to Moshiach, so the people of our Chabad House will be “Moshiach mentchen.” This is possible only with focused, specific activities on the inyan of Moshiach.

    Beis Moshiach

    When I came on shlichus three years ago, I was unsure how to approach this. The Jews here don’t know alef-beis about Judaism, so what would I convey? I don’t have material, etc.

    Two summers ago, for the first time in thirty years, one of the Chabad organizations in Crown Heights produced a course on Geula and Moshiach. I decided to provide this course at my Chabad House and wondered who would show up.

    It turned out that all sorts of people came, a 20-year-old woman who is in an advanced stage in her preparations for conversion, an 85-year-old Russian retiree, a professor from a local university. They all came and learned the subject from top to bottom, what is Moshiach, what is his message, according to Chassidus, according to Nigleh, all in a practical way that showed how this is happening here and now.

    After a course like this, when you enter the Chabad House you suddenly see that something changed. Suddenly the concepts speak to them, your mekuravim are on the same wavelength, and not only that but they themselves talk about it with others!


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    From One Shliach To Another: Put Moshiach In Your Annual Budget!