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    Wolf Responds, Exposes Further

    Let’s start with who I am and why I started this project: Those who know me know that I have always been involved with Mivtza Mezuzah. When I was in Brunoy, I personally took down all the Mezuzos, had them checked and put them back up. I did the same in Montreal camp and Cincinnati Yeshiva • Full Article

    Written by Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Wolf, Chicago, IL

    Let’s start with who I am and why I started this project:

    Those who know me know that I have always been involved with Mivtza Mezuzah. When I was in Brunoy, I personally took down all the Mezuzos, had them checked and put them back up. I did the same in Montreal camp, Cincinnati Yeshiva, and camp Chayolei. As you can see, everywhere I went I was always involved with Mezuzos.

    In the past few years I have been involved in educating the local Chicago synagogue gift shops about Kosher Stam. While meeting with the gift shop volunteers I stumbled on a sad reality. Some of the big wholesale suppliers of Pasul Mezuzos are Frum Yidden.

    In Boro Park you have a store called Klein Brother Judaica ran by Moshe Klein. This store sells 1000’s of Pasul Stam across the country. They claim its 100% kosher but it sure isn’t (selling a Mezuzah at $19). I went to confront this man, he shut the door on me after saying “B’dieveddike Yidden can use these Mezuzos”.

    When I exposed this to the conservative movement, they were shocked. A man with a beard is lying to them. Sadly, he isn’t the only one. Zevi Sheinberger from Ramot, ER”Y, runs a Judaica scheme called Ramot Judaica. He sells to many of the online Judaica stores wholesale at $13 a Mezuzah and claiming its Kosher, and checked twice! See attached some of the Mezuzos he sold to an online Judaica store who reached out to me.

    As you see, I spend much of my time helping people check their Mezuzos, and educating them about the issues in the Mezuzah market.

    One thing always bothered me very much, we have this problem among our own in Chabad. I knew for many years the issues in Crown Heights Stam. I Spoke to many Rabbonim and Sofrim who all agreed this problem is serious. No one did anything about it.

    After consulting with a Rav and a Mashpia, I took the step of releasing an in-depth video. Many are trying to discredit the work by pointing out that Rabbi Raskin is my second cousin. My friends, I worked with this issue before that store was even open! I have no interest in promoting stores, I am educating the public. You can choose to deny the reality.

    The stores have tried a few angles. They tried a Din Torah, but then gave up when they see they have no case. They tried to claim that Machon Stam planned this when there is no truth to that. They have tried to discredit my report because Rabbi Raskin is my second cousin. They tried to warp Rabbi Veiner’s Psak about these Halachik Shalos. They tried to say, that they rely on lenient opinions… Can someone please tell me which opinion holds a Niggiah is Kosher? or that missing Taggim is still L’chatchila? Or that when a child reads it as two words when its one it’s still kosher?


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    1. Out of town Sofer

      Way to go! The market is flooded with possle sechora, do we even know this stuff was written by Yidden and not in China?

    2. Zalman

      I Think this solution to the Mezuzah problem will satisfy everyone.

      We just have organize ourselves to work together.

      Start something like a charidy campaign to raise money for Mitzvah Mezuzah once or twice a year. After the campaign raises enough money. Every Chabad Shliach who needs to purchase Mivtzoim Mezuzahs will be given money for an upgrade.

      For Example: if a Shliach needs to buy ten $30 Mivztzoim Mezuzhas. The Shliach will be given ten $45 coupons that he will use in a crown heights store to upgrade his Purchase to ten $75 Mezuzha’s for Mivtzoim.

    3. somebody

      you can’t even read this!? how is this kosher?? where it says “elokim acheirim” it looks like elokim arririm?!
      + dozens of other pesulim! this is a terrible shanda.
      They should be ashamed of themselves

    4. Mendel

      Instead of uniting with the sofrim and stores and battling this problem, he’s made more enemies then friends. Sad!

    5. Crown Heights Resident

      Are people allowed to make a Brocha on these Mezuzah’s

    6. Anonymous

      Totally embarrassing to all Mezuza stores involved. Especially the CH stores!

    7. Boruch Hoffinger

      Wonderful work!

    8. Anonymous

      Maybe he should take the stores to a bais din for selling fake mezuzos and if that doesn’t work, to court.
      There needs to be more sofrim trained in Stam.

    9. Anonymous

      Is Klein brother Judaica owned by the same person who owns Hasofer and esofer?

    10. Shea Werner

      someone who is having some issues and is not yet fully observant came with me to the Ohel and when I spoke with him about Mezuzos, he said he bought 10 a little while ago and the first one he checked was Pasul he is feeling dejected by this,

    11. Boruch Hoffinger,

      Zalman, Great Idea!
      Others also, Great!

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    Wolf Responds, Exposes Further