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  • Rabbi Groner has Special Request for Anash

    As we’ve earlier reported on ChabadInfo, despite the recent push to ressurect the Eruv proposal in Crown Heights, the Rebbe already made his opinion clear on the matter, according to Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe’s Mazkir • Letter, Full Story

    As we’ve earlier reported on ChabadInfo, despite the recent push to resurrect the Eruv proposal in Crown Heights, the Rebbe already made his opinion clear on the matter, according to Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe’s Mazkir.

    Rabbi Groner penned a letter that was distributed in many Shuls over Shabbos. In it, he clearly states the Rebbe’s opinion, and calls upon all Anash and Temimim to discard the idea.

    I was asked about the Rebbe’s stance regarding constructing an Eiruv in our community of Crown Heights.


    The Rebbe strongly opposed making an Eiruv in our community, and he reiterated on several occasions that no one has permission to make an Eiruv here.

    It should be explained to all those who, Rachmana Litzlan, are considering making an Eiruv here that anyone who does so, Rachmana Litzlan, is starting up with the Rebbe, and he should recognize the effect it may have, G-d forbid, on himself and his family etc.

    When the rabbonim in Melbourne wanted to construct an Eiruv, my brother A”H and R’ Chaim Gutnick A”H asked the Rebbe how they should respond, and the Rebbe’s reply was that they should oppose it fiercely.

    All Anash and Temimim should discard this idea.

    To conclude on a positive note,
    Yehuda Leib Groner


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    1. Maybe if people knew the reasons for not having an eruv, there would be no support for an eruv. What were the reasons? Did the Rebbe oppose eruvim everywhere or just Crown Heights and Melbourne?

    2. Reason you need a reason?
      The reason is because The Rebbe said NO!!!!

    3. The Rebbe writes in the letter that it’s a “Takala Ayuma” translated a great stumbling block or something along those lines.

      I haven’t seen it elaborated why, but simply put if the Eiruv breaks on Shabbos one is being mechalel Shabbos. In addition one may become so accustomed to carrying on Shabbos and go to a community that does not have an eiruv and carry at of what they are accustomed to. Unfortunately this has occurred in crown Heights over the Yomim Noraim and Tishrei.

      Letter to Melbourne
    4. Is this just another one of many things that osdoba is saying “yes” because shvei & braun are saying “no”?!

      Why is it even a question – if you already know that the Rebbe MH”M said NO, where is there even room to have the chutzpa to challenge what the Rebbe MH”M said?!

      When a rov, (or anyone for that matter), says or advises AGAINST what the Rebbe MH”M CLEARLY AND OPENLY opposed – he becomes OIS chossid, ois rov.

      THE REBBE’S WORD IS FINAL. PERIOD. THERE IS NO ROOM TO DEBATE, QUESTION, ANALYZE etc. Either you listen or you don’t. If you are a chossid, listening to the Rebbe is MANDATORY not optional.

      whose initiative is this?
    5. Every Shabbos that there is no Eiruv there is Automatically Chilul Shabbos even by frum people with Yerei Shomayim


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