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    Mezuzah Saga: Oraita Responds

    Since the Mezuza Fraud Saga has blown onto the Chabad world stage, has been at the forefront of reporting on the developing story. is continuing to closely monitor for additional updates and feedback, as well as responses from the Mezuza retailers and establishments. will update the story as additional information becomes available • Full Response

    Since the Mezuza Fraud Saga has blown onto the Chabad world stage, has been at the forefront of reporting on the developing story. is continuing to closely monitor for additional updates and feedback, as well as responses from the Mezuza retailers and establishments. will update the story as additional information becomes available.


    In light of the latest video that was published I was asked to respond.

    In my 26 years being a sofer I tried very hard to stay away from מחלוקת especially one that is not לשם שמים. However in this case… I have to respond to clarify.

    I would like to mention that each mezuzah sold by Oraita is carefully checked by one of our certified magihim in our office.  And while we try our very best שגיאות מי יבין And There is always room for improvement.

    And to the report.

    I showed to many magihim in the US and Eretz Yisroel the issues mentioned by the report and they were puzzled.

    The letters צ showed in the reports are not even questions. (clear space between the 2 heads. Kosher lechatchila.

    The disconnect parts of letters that are reported as posul are not ניכר להדיא (visible enough) and therefore kosher as is even without repair.

    As for the spacing between letters in the same word a couple of them could have been closer but not posul.

    I do have to notice that those same issues appear in the others report that for some reason was kosher there.


    I also notice new concepts in halocho such as שאלת תינוק in spacing issues…? Not mentioned in shulchon oruch.

    And that brings me to one conclusion.

    A good כוונה might have been there perhaps but ניקיון ידיים איו כאן.

    Relying on a single unknown magiah to do a character killing of many people and people’s livelihood is wrong.

    The poor choice of how to do this and the public shaming of sofrim is wrong.

    The refusal to have a multiple neutral hagoho performed of these mezuzos and then review the outcome is screaming foul.

    Putting the rebbe’s name and mivtsoim as a preface to this is unacceptable.

    Saying that hundreds of thousands of mezuzos used by yiden around the globe are posul is wrong.

    Taking this to YouTube and out to the world with WhatsApp is so wrong.

    What yeshiva and which mashpia or parent taught you that. The bitterness and anger of this individual and lack of בנחת נשמעים…. is disturbing.

    The purpose here was not to educate customers and to have sofrim improve.

    It’s wrong to hide behind איצטלא דרבנן and Holy causes when הידיים ידי עשו.

    I see a קנאות but no pinchus. However, korachs name and his מחלוקת is all over the place.
    The damage caused by these individuals is irreversible and may hashem have rachmunus on them and forgive them.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dozens of customers that contacted me in past day showing their support and love.

    It’s heartwarming and I thank hashem for such great clientele. No infomercial or money can buy that.

    We all the sofrim are unified (a miracle) and will do everything to protect ourselves and families.

    I will conclude with hope and pray of ברכינו אבינו כולנו כאחד with achdus. And we should be zoche to the coming of moshiach speedily in our days.

    Oraita Inc.
    Rabbi Gad Sebag
    Sofer stam.


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    1. sofer stam nj

      im not from C.H. or affiliated with chabad but ive been following this saga closely as it unfolds as it is but the tip of the iceberg. While i can not condone the method used to “expose” the issue, i do agree with the message. rabbi klein posted previously, saying that there can be differences of opinions etc while that is definitely true, in some cases however when two letters are touching the halacha clearly states (shulchan aruch o”ch siman 32 sif 18) that 2 letters touching are possul until separated. there is no way rabbi klein [i have no idea who he is and have no reason to assume he acted maliciously etc] can talk his way out of that , especially when the letters were touching so thickly – hard to miss…..
      as for rabbi sebags answer, basic halacha states [shulchan aruch o”ch siman 32 sif 16 and 25] that a “hefsek” in an ois is kosher a] when it has a shiur ois until the hefsek b] when it doesnt split one ois into 2 letters etc etc. HOWEVER according to almost all poiskim [see meiri] it IS NOT KOSHER AS IS UNTIL FIXED. NO MATTER HOW NIKKER OR NOT NIKKER THE HEFSEK IS. by all poiskim i mean from the baruch she’amar in ois alef that holds that “goilem echad” is mi’dinah d’gemarah thru the mishna berurah on the above si’eefim. theres no way around it. as for the tzadi shaila, according to many poiskim it is problematic [ see shevet halevi vol 4 siman 5 #5 ] and there are those that will passul or say better not use. i dont know if chabad has a different mehalech regarding psak on such shailois but it not “way out” for the magiha to mark it off as a shailas chochom as he did do [see other video, oraita mezuza 2b].
      in parting, we can only hope that at least consumers will wake up to the fact that issues can crop up and proper research should be done before buying stam [or anyting else for that matter].
      ויהי רצון שנזכה כולנו להחזרת עטרה ליושנה בביאת המשיח בב”א

    2. random sofer

      with all do respect, in all my years of being in the industry i never sold a mezuzah without first fixing a nifsek even if its not niker lahedyah (which by the way is pasul especialy in a tzadik because its nechlak lshnay oisiois the only difference between niker and not niker is in regards to ksidran but it definitely needs repair) when someone buys a mezuzah especialy a frayer or as you say mivtzoim person you have to fix it because chances are hes not checking his mezuzah in the near future if ever at all, you cant sell him a mezuzah that will be posul in a few years time if theres a crack or even a weakness in a letter especialy in a place where you wont be able to fix afterwards like a tzadik or a mem you should spend a few seconds to fix it
      im not sure how up to date you are in olam hastam but in the past twenty to thirty years it has slowly become common practice amongst magihim that you fix minor stuff like that with a rapidegraphic pen you can put dyo lanetzach or dyochanan inside the pen and fix it
      the truth is even in general most people that buy a mezuzah expect it to last more than three to five years
      trust me it adds just two minutes to go over a mezuzah and fix a few things and you can be comfortable for twenty years
      im sure you are worried about your livelyhood may hashem help you with everything you need but its realy not the issue here
      the one thing you are sort of right about is the shayles tinok issue i mean who is some random sofer to assume that you didnt ask a tinok?!? and to publicise it noch…why cant he assume you asked a tinok and he said its kosher?
      having said that anything that has to do with size or proportion can be asked to a tinok including revachim
      again im sure you guys are all well meaning people and i hope you dont loose any gelt over this exercise but i realy think its a good idea for you to go to israel for a month or two and do some shimush by a real magiah

    3. Lawrence

      They show their hand by choice of Beis Din
      Woolf stands no chance .

      Had they chosen neutral Beis Din with experience of STAM we the consumers would have held our opinions till outcome
      The choice outs them !

      Pals protecting pals Old boys’ network

      Remember that poor girl in California?

    4. yosy

      Kinas SOFRIM tarbeh chochma! I hope this brings more awareness to an issue that affects everyone. Yasher koach to for not brushing this under the rug, because this guy is related to that guy, and that guy…..well, you get the picture.

    5. Sofer

      To sofer stam nj.
      Learn biur halacha siman 32 siif 25 where he brings achronim who are matir cracked if they are not visible clearly without stearing at it. He relys on them that you can fix but there is still that opinion. He also says that if it’s only visible to the sun it dosent need fixing. A lot of somrim check with a light table and pasal things based on that which is clearly wrong.
      2) why in the world is anyone even machshiv such a sofer (the one who checked) who is he?

    6. Am i missing something??

      He writes that shailos tinok on spacing is not mentioned in shulchan oruch???

      What about siman lamed beis, seif mem vov?? Alter rebbe writes so befairosh.

      This is how these guys are used to just throwing things around without knowing basic halacha. No wonder we have so many problems…

    7. Zalman

      I have a nice solution that will solve this problem if everyone works together.

      Start something like a charidy campaign to raise money for Mitzvah Mezuzah. After the campaign raises enough money. Every Chabad Shliach who needs to purchase Mivtzoim Mezuzahs will be given money for an upgrade.

      For Example: if a Shliach needs to buy ten $30 mivztzoim Mezuzhas. The Shliach will be given ten $45 coupons that he will use in a crown heights store to upgrade his Purchase to ten $75 Mezuzhas for Mivtzoim.

    8. sofer stam nj

      to sofer
      i am fully aware of that biur halacha [i’m from those that renew their ksav kabaka every 3 years, review my halachos regularly and have extensive shimush in practical halacha and tzuras haoisios from rabonim and experienced reliable soifrim] . if you look at oraita mezuzois # 2c & 2d [on the other video] while i admit that it is enlarged on the screen, i do believe that in real life you would not have to strain your eyes to see the hefsek… perhaps i have better eye sight? don’t know
      as an aside, im not familiar with the bais din that issued the hazmona but i sincerely hope that they put together a team of impartial stam experts to guide them in this din torah. from the soifrim that i’ve spoken to in recent days both from chabad and otherwise, all agree that there are major tikunim needed in this field . most rabbonim [at least from the few that are even somewhat familiar with whats going on in the world of stam] untill now have chosen to do nothing. the bais din now has an opportunity to get down to the bottom of it all and i wish them much siyata dishmaya

    9. N.S.

      Rabbi Wolff has these mezuzos in numbered zipbags.

      By the Din Tora of the Nitvas choosing or ZABLA I am sure there will be Sofrim Mumchim so we can sort these thing out.

      I include myself in the many that believe Rabbi wolff did a tremendous deed by bringing awareness to the public.

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