• Mezuzah Saga: Hasofer Responds

    Since the Mezuza Fraud Saga has blown onto the Chabad world stage, ChabadInfo.com has been at the forefront of reporting on the developing story. ChabandInfo.com is continuing to closely monitor for additional updates and feedback, as well as responses from the Mezuza retailers and establishments. ChabadInfo.com will update the story as additional information becomes available • Listen (In Yiddish)



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    1. The most important thing that I get out of his various explanations is that one has to emphasize that these are all “Mivtoim Mezuzahs”. The people in Chicago would have you believe that the mezuzahs sold by these stores are all Chas V’sholom Possul.

      These Mezuzahs are made for such a low price that it’s just isn’t realistic to expect a nice mezuzah for so little money, today. As barely Kosher Mezuzahs these are much better than none at all, or totally fraudulent ones printed on paper. In this case, this does, of course, result in a dispute between poskim as to whether these can be considered Kosher L’chatchila. It does, however, seem that even the $50.00 Mivtzoim Mezuzahs are of significantly better quality. Of course If one would be able, it would be nice to provide nicer (more expensive) Mezuzahs to avoid all these issues.

      Yankel Todres
    2. All works except for the negias
      There’s no second tzad for negias touching letters it’s has to be mukaf gvul Halacha moshe misinai

      By the way I loved hearing your beautiful passionate voice maybe you could tell a few more stories and sell tapes

      Shmuel ha’sofer
    3. Shulchan Aruch Harav Siman 32 Seif 5 “ואם האות גדולה ונדבקה בסופה באופן שאם יגרר מה שדבוק ישאר צורת אות יש מי שמכשיר אף בלא גרירה ויש להחמיר ולגרור”.

    4. Shulchan Aruch Harav Siman 32 Seif 5. “Yesh mi shemachshir af belo gerira”.

      To Shmuel ha'sofer
    5. Da’as Radach. See Shulchan Aruch Harav Siman 32 Seif 5.

      To Shmuel ha'sofer
    6. I don’t know what he showed to the Rebbi’s Sofer, but just because he was Machshir many Mezuzos that others passeled, doesn’t mean that every Mezuza is kosher!

      Out of town Sofer
    7. Look I respect your sofer with all his experience and knowledge of Halacha but maybe he should get his eyes checked

    8. בסופה is the end of th Klaf not another letter
      Negia to Another letter needs to be fixed

      To someone
    9. Then if his speech he says that it’s impossible for two sofrim to find the same problems

      Please explain?!???!!

      If you check the Mezuza letter by letter every sofer should find the same problems unless one guy is incompetent in which case he won’t find anything.

      Anyone that has a regular occurring situation that two sofrim check the same Mezuza and find different things one sofer should be fired

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