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    Innovative Mivtzoim Website Predicts Jewishness created by is a custom database & mapping program which helps users save their time and energy for communicating with Yidden as much as they can by knowing who is Jewish beforehand • Read More

    “Excuse me sir, are you Jewish?” is possibly the most well known line to every Lubavitcher chassid. With the Rebbe’s emphasis on Mivtzoim we are no stranger to speaking with strangers – but often much time and energy is spent just on finding Jews and not even interacting with them.

    Wouldn’t you wish there was a way of having inside information on who is Jewish?

    Now there is! created by is a custom database & mapping program which helps users save their time and energy for communicating with Yidden as much as they can by knowing who is Jewish beforehand.

    The Rebbe always stressed that we can’t leave even one Jew behind. Sometimes we wonder is this even within our capabilities? Only because the Rebbe gave us the Koichos did this feat became not only possible – but probable. We have to be fierce and relentless to win this golus war. Boruch Hashem the program enables us to reach those Neshomois which would be otherwise forgotten. will show a shliach all the Jewish contacts nearby – whether he is in Manhattan or in the middle of Kansas. Jewish business executives are also available. Maps include the name of the contact, his or her address and Jewish probability in a clear platform.

    Jewish probability – what is this?

    Of course there is no way of knowing without a doubt who is Jewish, but can make a highly educated guess with its custom search algorithms.

    For example: say we have a fellow whose name is Dov Brown, will calculcate his Jewish probabily at 52% which means that on average out of 100 Dov Browns’ in America 52 of them are halachically Jewish.

    Some readers at this point are wondering is this true, how can they know all this information? Well, thankfully we live in the age of knowledge where almost anybody can learn about anyone.

    When our great grandparents arrived at the US they had to fill out documents, these papers are called immigration records. There are millions of these records, most of which contain the religious status of their bearers. analyzed over 87 million immigration records from New York Ports between 1820 and 1957 and then using the contact’s first and last name calculates Jewish probability based on the statistical analysis.

    We are holding at a very opportune time to get involved. With Purim and Pesach coming up we arrange bochurim to come and help us reach all the Jews which were perhaps never contacted.

    Especially in a year of Hakhel when the goal is to connect us all, there is no greater Achdus then coming together through Mitzvois.

    This is a program which every Shliach should get a hold of, give this list to your bochurim and together we will be Zoiche to the greatest Hakhel of all bimheira beyameinu amen.

    To learn more visit to sign up click  or you can email [email protected] for your free sample data. To donate click here

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    1. Owner

      Since a lot of people have been asking us about security I would like to explain:

      At we have been thinking about security from day 1.

      We know that if our data falls into the wrong hands it could have not good consequences Chas V’Shalom.

      Here are some measures we take to make sure this doesn’t happen:

      1) We don’t post any real data on our public website.

      You will notice that the public sample contains totally random data:

      2) We screen all registrants before giving out data.

      When someone signs up we first call or email them to make sure they are a frum person honestly interested in doing Mivtzoim. We don’t give data out to non-frum users even if they will pay us lots of money.

      3) We use industry standard encryption

      You will notice on any data page the URL has “https” which means it uses a secure connection. We use 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate – the same level of security used by top companies.

      If anyone has any questions please email [email protected] or call (888) 451-8880.

      Moshiach now!

    2. Bochur

      This sounds really cool, I signed up and got great info they are ready to work with!

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