Chicken Soup For The Soul: Rabbi Azimov




    Shifra Vepua

    Chicken Soup For The Soul: Rabbi Azimov

    Rabbi Shmuel Azimov OBM, touched the lives of thousands of Jews, and continued caring for them and their children throughout their lives ● Rabbi Shmuel Lubecky, Chabad Shliach to the Normandy Region, retells some small episodes which he personally witnessed ● Small Stories

    Making Fun of Frenchies?

    The first time I left home was when I was 14, to learn in the Chabad Yeshiva in Manchester. When I came home during the summer break, I participated in the Summer Seminar organized by Rabbi Azimov in the French Alps.

    The day I arrived, R’ Moule saw me, and he greeted me with a big smile and a hug, and asked me to sit down and tell him about life in Yeshiva, if I am being harassed for being from France, etc.

    I was a young boy, and told him with pain, that what bothers me is that the English and American Bochurim don’t like the French Bochurim, and make fun of them, calling them “Frenchies.”

    R’ Moule spoke to me for a bit and calmed me down, saying “Don’t take it to heart, this is how it always was, they made fun of Frenchies, and Israelis…”

    [I am now remembering this story and I am in awe; R’ Moule was then carrying a tremendous load of directing the Chabad institutions, in massive debt, but he gave full attention to a young Bochur who was complaining about something small…]

    A friend of mine was going through difficulties at home, and before he went to Yeshiva, R’ Moule called him in for a meeting, telling him: “Call me every week, I want to hear how Yeshiva is coming along,” and the Bochur did so for the three years, calling R’ Moule every week, and giving him a report, while R’ Moule patiently listened and gave him the full attention.


    A New Washing Machine

    The day before I left on Shlichus to Normandy, I was asked by R’ Moule to come to his office, where we discussed my financial situation, and my plans for the future. I answered what the situation was, and then left his office. The next day I got a call from the main office of Beis Loubavitch with the person telling me that R’ Moule asked to pay for a new fridge and washing machine for me!


    Bring More Shluchim!

    R’ Moule would have meetings with the Shluchim on a regular basis, where the Shluchim would meet together and plan how to bring the Rebbe’s message to the world.

    The last meeting happened before Tishrei, and during the meeting R’ Moule pleaded again and again with the Shluchim that they should open up more places, bring down more Shluchim, and repeated the Rebbe’s words that this will only help them grow, and will not cause any damage or loss to them.

    This was his motto, in all the meetings: expand, grow, and bring more Shluchim.



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    Chicken Soup For The Soul: Rabbi Azimov