Black Thug Stabs Israeli Bochur in 770


    Black Thug Stabs Israeli Bochur in 770

    Breaking News: Tuesday morning Around 1:45am EST, a black man entered 770, Chabad World Headquarters, proceeded to the Farbrengen Bimah and stabbed an Israeli Bochur in the neck ● UPDATE 11:30am: The Bochur has been transferred to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition ● Full Story, Pictures

    Breaking News: Tuesday morning Around 1:45am EST, a black man entered 770, Chabad World Headquarters, proceeded to the Farbrengen Bimah and wielded a knife. He ran towards one of the Israeli Bochurim, 22-year old Levi Rosenblatt and stabbed him in the neck. The Bochur managed to stumble out, while the Bochurim inside blocked the exit of the thug.

    The police arrived shortly thereafter, and demanded the thug drop his weapon. The thug refused to cooperate with Police, continued wielding his weapon, and tried escaping. He was shot by the Police. He later died in Kings County Hospital.

    Approximately 11:00am, a battery of tests found the Bochur has internal bleeding, and was transferred to Bellevue Hospital for emergency surgery. He is currently in an induced coma, in critical condition. Readers are asked to say Tehillim for Levi Yitzchak Ben Reizel.

    Earlier, Larry Celona from the New York Post reported:

    Police shot and wounded a man inside one of Brooklyn’s most prominent synagogues Tuesday morning, apparently after the disturbed man asked for a Bible and then stabbed someone there, sources said.

    The bloodshed happened at the world headquarters of the Lubavitch Hasidic sect at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights shortly after 1 a.m., sources said.

    Sources said the homeless man had walked into the basement of the synagogue where people were praying.

    According to police sources, the man asked for a copy of the Bible, then briefly walked out, sources said.

    Some witnesses said that man simply ask for a “book in English.”

    He returned and stabbed a an Israeli student in the side of the head for an unknown reason.

    “He’s a very serious student he’d been studying all day,” witness Levi Deutsch said about the victim. “He was stabbed in the side of the head he was conscious but he was bleeding a lot.”

    Another witness flagged down cops who were passing the headquarters. Officers confronted the man and ordered him to put the knife down, the source said.

    After initially dropping the weapon, he then picked it up and charged at the officers.

    At one point an officer fired one round into his body, wounding him.

    Both the suspect and the stabbed victim were at Kings County in critical condition.



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    1. Ma Rabbi

      770 needs better security. What if an entire gang tried to enter G-d forbid.

    2. A Mother From Out Of Town

      Anyone who is familiar with what Chazal say about Machlokes,
      knows that as Machlokes Matters are not corrected, it leads to such things.

      Many years ago, when Tragedy had befallen several Lubavitcher (A Car Accident) and (although many had perished, yet) 1 life was hanging in balance and still had a chance to be saved, the Rebbe pleaded with
      his Chassidim to stop the Machlokes, in order to save that life, hanging in balance.

      Sadly the Machlokes Makers, didn’t listen, and he too, had

      Hopefully we can be smarter this time and listen to the
      warning issued by the Rebbe himself, to us all.

      770 is for everyone and everyone must feel free to
      participate in any variety of shire of their own choosing.

      It’s pertinent especially in the Ezras Noshim where every
      women who enters must feel welcome and feel free to participate in any one of many, different Shire, rather than being controlled and persuaded with Sinas Chinum….

      I am a women from out of town, who came to 770, in the Ezras
      Noshim, to learn and Daven and to intermingle, welcome and greet everyone, which I did.

      Later that day, after I left 770 and visited several private homes, to help raise funds for Tzedaka, I was told by one individual women (who feels that only she runs the show), that I had better not talk to this person or to that person (all those whom she doesn’t like) lest she make sure that no one will ever help me with my Tzedaka cause.

      Is this type of Sinas Chinum what the Rebbe wants in 770?

      If we want the Rebbe’s Bruche and Protection in 770, we must
      begin by eliminating all Sinas Chinum in all of CH especially in 770 and
      especially in the Ezras Noshim.

    3. bourchn

      The victims family should sue NYC for releasing dangerous people. Others, who were also victims of released, dangerous felons should join in a class action lawsuit. This is ALL the authorities understand $$$$.

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    Black Thug Stabs Israeli Bochur in 770