13) Law & Order: Chabad Hierarchy




    Shifra Vepua

    13) Law & Order: Chabad Hierarchy

    Shlichus According To The Rebbe #13: We present the thirteenth installment of directives of the Rebbe to Shluchim, focusing on directives that the Shluchim seem to be unaware of ● Today: A collection of the Rebbe’s letters from 5736 regarding the hierarchy of Shluchim and Shlichus ● Read More

    Va’ad Hanochos B’Lahak has published the Kuntres for the week of Kinus HaShluchim, which includes 13 letters from the Rebbe from the years 5736-5737 in matters connected to Shlichus. We hereby present three of these letters, translated into English:

    1) On the 16th of Cheshvan 5736, a Shliach sent the Rebbe a report of his activities, and some questions. The Rebbe’s response:

    Surely you have sent the original copy [of the report] to the Central offices of Lubavitch Youth Organization, etc.

    I will mention it at the Ohel for great success in everything.

    Regarding renting a house which will be used both for Chabad and for other organizations (and other projects, etc) – it is customary: After you have all the details clear (including the opinion of local friends who understand the dynamics of your specific location (and understand the response of the religious crowd to such activities)) – you should ask the Central offices of Lubavitch Youth Organization.

    In this matter – since you wrote the details, it seems to me that you will also need a ruling from a Rav whether you need a “contract of sale” for Shabbos, Yom Tov, Pesach, etc.


    2) On the 5th of Kislev, the Rebbe responded to a person who wanted to open up a new Chabad House:

    All matters of Chabad Houses is in the hands of Lubavitch Youth Organization (and Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch) – and you will surely not do anything before consulting with them.


    4) In a letter dated Chanukah 5736, the Rebbe wrote the following to a Shliach:

    …Since many of the activities you do are dependent on the local situation in your country, city, etc. – there has to be coordination and a uniform standard of activities – therefore it was decided that every country should have a central office which will coordinate the work of the subsidiaries, give instructions, etc.

    – In France, it is in the hands of our central bureau, directed by Rabbi Binyamin Eliyahu Gorodetsky. Therefore, you should contact him in everything…

    To fundraise in the USA – you need the adequate preparation and there isn’t enough time for that during your stay here…








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    1. please clarify further

      So who in charge these days in the USA. example. Any office you can provide and the people in charge?

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    13) Law & Order: Chabad Hierarchy