Start Your Purim Prep this Teves


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    Start Your Purim Prep this Teves

    Join one of seven daily Gemara shiurim in Crown Heights and online starting to learn Maseches Megillah, allowing you to have the the unique opportunity to finish the entire mesechta in time for Purim 5782 • Full Details

    Join one of seven daily Gemora shiurim in Crown Heights and online that art starting to learn Meseches Megilah, giving an opportunity to learn Three mesechtos in three months! Starting this Tuesday, Yud Teves, December 14. (Rabbi Oster’s Shiur starts Meseches Megilah on Monday, December 13 / 9 Teves).

    Grab this unique opportunity! Learn and finish Meseches Megilah in just over a month. Learn a Daf Gemora a day, and before you know it you have learned one page after page, and then one perek after another until you have finished the entire Masechta!

    As stated in the Igros of the Rebbe: “By studying each and every page of the Gemora, an elevation in the knowledge of the Torah is added, and this elevation helps in the study of all other matters of the Torah.”


    Rabbi Fishel Oster 

    A clear and concise 35-minute shiur.

    Join us live at Merkaz Avreichim 466 Albany Ave. (downstairs)

    Sunday: 8:15-9:00 AM

    Monday-Friday: 7:45-8:30 AM

    The gemara shiur is preceded by half an hour of Chassidus.


    Available online on YouTube and Spotify:

    YouTube link:

    Spotify link:

    To get the daily daf Gemoroh shiur by WhatsApp:

    Shiur arranged by Irgun Torah.


    Anshei Lubavitch – Geshem Shul – 578 Albany Ave.

    Rabbi Shmuel Rosenstein

    Sunday-Thursday: 8:00-9:00 PM

    Shabbos: 45 minutes before Mincha

    Zoom: available on request


    Beis Eliezer Yitzchok – R’ Levy’s shul 394 Kingston Ave.

    Rabbi Hershel Lustig

    Sunday: 8:45 AM

    Monday-Friday: 6:30 AM

    Shabbos: 7:15 PM

    Also, an Omud a day, Monday-Thursday at 7:20 PM

    Zoom: 4051047658, passcode 845752


    Chevra Shas – 398 Kingston Ave.

    Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer

    Sunday: 6:45 am, followed by Shacharis

    Monday-Friday: 6:30 am, followed by Shacharis

    Motzaei Shabbos: 8:45 pm (winter)

    Zoom: 6822231894, passcode 613


    Anash Shul – 770 Montgomery St.

    2 Shiurim:

    – Rabbi Holtzberg (In Yiddish)

    Daily 8 AM

    – Rabbi Shia Werner 

    Daily 10:00 am

    Zoom 75222541129 Password 281263


    Shain’s Shul – 390 Kingston Ave.

    Rabbi Zalman Shanowitz

    Sunday-Thursday: 8:00 pm

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    These programs depend on and are made possible through the generous support of individuals. Partner with us Partner with Torah:

    If you or your shul would like to start a new shiur, please contact us at: IrgunTora[email protected]




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    Start Your Purim Prep this Teves