Start Right: Join a Rambam Shiur in Crown Heights




    Start Right: Join a Rambam Shiur in Crown Heights

    As thousands of us celebrate the Mega Siyum HaRambam today, we make a start or continue our commitment to learn Rambam daily, one of the great ways to ensure your Hachlata is to join a Rambam Shiur. Irgun Torah presents a list of local Shiurim in Crown Heights • Full Story

    As is known, one of the projects that the Rebbe instituted that was of significant importance and very much valued by the Rebbe, was the daily learning of the Rambam. Besides the actual inyan of learning כל התורה כולה, the Rebbe mentioned the many blessings connected to learning the Rambam daily.

    As per the Rebbe’s wishes that “Rambam should be studied specifically ‘berabim’ in a public shiur and בכל מקום ומקום, in every place.” (sicha 5749)

    Start Your New Day with Rambam – Another important aspect is that the shiurim will be at night, already into the next day, and so will actually be for the following day Rambam. So, what better way to start your day, than knowing you already learned that day’s Rambam in a clear, concise, and well-understood manner and ‘berabim’ as the Rebbe has requested.

    Local and Worldwide Online – Baruch Hashem, we are happy to announce that there will be available for the local community in crown heights and online a Rambam Shiurim from well-known magidei shiurim, which have experience in teaching and have the depth and knowledge to present a clear, insightful, and entertaining Daily Rambam Shiur.

    Clear and Concise Shiurim – These shiurim will be on 1 or 3 perek Rambam, in the local shuls, mostly in the evenings between Mincha and Ma’ariv or right after Ma’ariv. There is also a morning shiur for those who would rather learn Rambam in the morning. The shiurim will be presented in a clear and concise manner on average usually within 25 minutes.

    Talented magidei Shiurim – Shiurim are taught by well-known and talented rabbonim, mechanchim, and magidei shiurim. The full list of the current magidei shiurim teaching Rabmbam are: Reb Michoel Zajac, Rabbi Yosef Altein, Harav Zalman Hertzl (Hebrew), Hatomim Mendel Potash, Rabbi Gerlitzky, Rabbi Levi Rapoport, Rabbi Sholom Ber Spielman, Rabbi Kosofsky, Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz and Hatomim Shamai Cohen (Hebrew).

    There are five ongoing 3-perakim Rambam Shiurim:

    Reb Michoel Zajac – At Kahal Chassidim,1612 Caroll St. Mincha Bizmano, followed by Shiur

    Rabbi Gerlitzki – 304 Kingston Ave. 8:30 PM

    Harav Zalman Hertzel (Hebrew) – Tiferes Zikeinim, 304 Kingston Ave., 10:15 PM, (Friday 10:30 PM)

    Rabbi Kosofsky – Beis Shmuel 456 Crown St. 5:30 AM.

    Hatomim Shimi Cohen (Hebrew) – Middle of 770 2:15 PM

    Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz – Available on the WhatsApp group and on The Rambam App

    There are four ongoing one-perek Rambam Shiurim:

    Rabbi Yosef Altein – At Frankel Shul 1699 President St. 8:15 AM

    Rabbi Levi Rapoport – At Tiferes Menachem/Rayim Ahuvim – 1614 Caroll St. Mincha Bizmano, followed by Shiur.

    Rabbi Sholom Ber Spielman – At Beis Midrash Eliyahu Nachum/Lefferts Shul, 672 Lefferts Ave. Mincha Bizmano, followed by Shiur.

    Hatomim Mendel Potash – For 8th Grade boys – At Oholei Torah Mechinah 417 Troy Ave. 2:15PM

    More options:

    Join the Daily Rambam Whatsapp group for recorded shiurim:

    More Rambam Shiurim available on the Rambam App:

    Timings of Shiurim – The updated timing and places will be posted on the WhatsApp group.

    May the learning of the daily Rambam bring many brachos to all and with the ultimate bracha, “ומלאה הארץ דעה את השם”.

    If you may be interested in giving a shiur Rambam or if you know of a shul that could benefit from a Rambam Shiur, please let us know, text or WhatsApp, Avrohom Rotban: 718-600-8211 or email us at [email protected].


    For a full listing of shiurim from Irgun Torah, visit:

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    These programs depend on and are made possible through the generous support of individuals. Partner with us, Partner with Torah at

    In honor of Shnas Hakhel, as per Rebbe’s directives to increase in Shiurei Torah, If you or your shul would like to start a new shiur, or promote an ongoing shul, please contact us at [email protected]


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    Start Right: Join a Rambam Shiur in Crown Heights