Rabbonim: “Forbidden to Assist Them”


    Rabbonim: “Forbidden to Assist Them”

    The Rabbonim Marei D’Asra, members of the Crown Heights Badatz, have strongly condemned a plan to make a public Purim feast in an immodest fashion, inconsistent with Halacha • Full Story, Letter

    The Rabbonim Marei D’Asra, members of the Crown Heights Badatz, have strongly condemned a plan to make a public Purim feast in an immodest fashion, inconsistent with Halacha.

    One of our readers sent us a picture of the letter which was posted last night on the Badatz Notice Board in 770.

    The letter states that numerous attempts to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner have been rebuffed and, unfortunately, the organizers are adamant to continue with the goal of conducting a mixed Purim festive meal in the shechunah, against Shulchan Aruch. The Rabbonim warn that it is forbidden to assist them in this endeavor, and certainly one should not participate in this event.



    12 Adar 5775

    Vigorous protest

    To our regret, we hereby inform:

    After the failure of all attempts to peacefully convince the organizer of the “public dinner” on the upcoming Purim, that it should be arranged according to Shulchan Aruch, in a modest fashion, and not mixing men and women G-d forbid – against Halachah and kedusha.Furthermore, they cloak their arguments with all sort of silly excuses based on the false principal of bringing the Torah down to the masses, instead of bringing people closer to the torah, in itself something which is against the explicit instructions in several sichos, regarding this matter too. To borrow an expression from the Gemara “they stabbed their teacher “.

    We can only inform all the residents of our neighborhood, may they live and be well, not to give a hand to those who are making a breach in the wall of holiness in our community. Certainly, one should not physically participate in this event, chas v’shalom.

    And all who assist the transgressors are part of the aveirah, and will be judged for desecrating  the honor of Heaven, and breaking the fence of holiness and tznius, and much worse – when done publically, here in our community, the palace of the King, the Rebbe’s neighborhood, a neigborhhod showered by Hashem’s blessings.

    May those who listen to our call receive blessings of goodness,



    Fast of Esther, erev Purim after midday,

    As a follow up to the above protest and posting it publically on the bulletin board in 770, as per the Torah laws of mecha’ah, we have been informed that the organizer of the above event, Mr. Moshe שי’ . Rubashkin, has not only not retracted his evil plan to being pritzus into our holy community, in the palace of the king, in the midst of the holy day of Purim, and rebel against our holy Torah, operating against the Shulchan Aruch, and disobeying an explicit instruction by the Rabbonim of the shechunah,

    But, more so, he did not rest on his laurels and added insult to injury, using a range of shtick, which will not be specified here, and stoking the flames of machlokes etc. etc. may Hashem protect us, and as the infamous animal that spreads its claws to say “I am clean” he did all in his power to get a stamp of approval from the  known individual (who has disobeyed the pesak of a Din Torah and gone to secular court, and as usual knows to purify that which is treif, without any legitimate source or explanation, as per the Gemara that mamzeirim can also be purified through money… Woe to us that this occurred in front of our eyes!).

    We hereby reiterate again, for extra emphasis, so that no one should go astray after the parade of falsehoods mentioned: that it is forbidden under any circumstances to assist in any the above pritzus event and most certainly – not to partake or benefit from it. This is a priori from the “dinner of that wicked individual”, Achashverosh, as explained in the following quote from the Ye’aros Devash. [Due to partaking in that meal, the Jewish people were deserving of annihilation in the story of Purim; this is why they gathered in fast at the time, as we do nowadays on Taanis Esther].

    The Ye’aros Devash, referenced in Likkutei Sichos (in the famous sicha regarding the sin of partaking in Achasverosh’s meal), writes: Look, please see…   the rebellion expressed itself by partaking in the meal of Achasverosh. This was considered a major sin as they disobeyed the instructions of the Sanhedrin, Mordechai who led the Beis Din of Sanhedrin… we should derive a lesson from this: the wicked Achasverosh while intoxicated knew to arrange that men and women eat separately, and made separate ballrooms for men and women. Certainly, the holy nation of Israel on our day of feasting and drinking wine, possess such an obligation to make a separation between the men and women. The Jewish people specifically ought to be extra cautious in this matter, as they have a stronger pull from the yetzer harathan the nations, as our sages say, the greater the individual the more pull from the yetzer hara.the Sefer Chassidim (brought in the Bach on Even Haezer 62:11) warned not to recite “shehasimcha bi’meono”, when men and women sit in one room because there is no joy before Hashem in such a place. Shall we rejoice where Hashem does not rejoice? Thus, be careful sanctify and purify yourselves  and your joy will be like the Simchas Beis HaShoeivah, to draw ruach hakodesh, so too our Simcha will pump holy spirit from Hashem to provide us with a pure heart.

    May it be the will of Hashem that a spirit enter them from on High to mend their ways, Hashem will bring about the geulah speedily

    where those that trusted him will bask in His glory forever.

    Signing with sorrow,




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    1. BMN

      I see TWO signatures ob the letter. What DOES HoRav Osdoba say about this situation???

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