Latest for Crown Heights Update #14




    Shifra Vepua

    Latest for Crown Heights Update #14

    As the Coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the world, read here the latest updates related to the Crown Heights community from the Gedaliah Society and Dr. Eli Rosen • Full Update  

    Covid-19 Update 

    Pesach guidelines

    We stand in awe in these very difficult times. Attempting to answer the myriad of questions with limited knowledge at this time, especially as we go into Pesach (the time of our freedom), is a daunting task.

    There are three main issues.

    1: Limited knowledge at this time of antibody (blood immunity) response of the community as a whole.

    2: Questions as to persistence of the ability to infect another after being minimally sick for a prolonged time.

    3: The danger of the illness.

    Based on the above concerns, we want people to continue to observe social distancing which means at least six feet between you and your fellow. Please wear a mask particularly if you have otherwise recovered but have a mild lingering cough or loss of smell/taste. You would not want to be the one to spread the virus.

    Concerning Pesach:

    Regarding travel between Crown Heights and other communities: At this time, and for the foreseeable upcoming Yomtov of Pesach, we are advising strongly against people going from one community to another.

    Questions regarding families within Crown Heights spending time with each other are difficult to answer. The possibility remains, given our lack of certainty as outlined above, regarding infecting another.  Therefore, social distancing remains a priority.

    Spending Pesach together with one’s family in Crown Heights must be seen in the above light and at the same time, there are many unique considerations; please call the hotline (212-901-2000) for guidance.

    We have seen a decline in Hatzalah calls, Boruch Hashem, over the last few days. We pray for the day when the Hatzalah ambulances will only carry mothers and their babies for healthy deliveries!

    – The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen


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    Latest for Crown Heights Update #14