Ensuring The Kashrus of Kapparos




    Shifra Vepua

    Ensuring The Kashrus of Kapparos

    Mara De’asra and members of the Crown Heights Beis Din Rabbi Aharon Ya’akov Schwei and Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun spent the night ensuring that the whole process of Shchita for the Kapparos chickens is done in accordance with Halacha, from examining the knives of the Shochtim, to testing them and the Bodkim to ensure they know the laws ● The chickens which were deemed Kosher according to the strictest standards were given to Eshel – Hachnosas Orchim to feed the guests ● Pictures

    חבד אינפוjj-2

    חבד אינפוjj-3

    חבד אינפוjj-4

    חבד אינפוjj-6

    חבד אינפוjj-7

    חבד אינפוjj-8

    חבד אינפוjj-9

    חבד אינפוjj-10

    חבד אינפוjj-11

    חבד אינפוjj-12

    חבד אינפוjj-13

    חבד אינפוjj-14

    חבד אינפוjj-15

    חבד אינפוjj-16

    חבד אינפוjj-17

    חבד אינפוjj-18

    חבד אינפוjj-19

    חבד אינפוjj-21


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    Ensuring The Kashrus of Kapparos