Chief Rabbi Welcomed by Crown Heights Community




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    Chief Rabbi Welcomed by Crown Heights Community

    Members of the Crown Heights community, headed by Crown Heights’ Rabbonim Rabbis Aharon Yaakov Shwei and Yosef Yeshaya Braun, welcomed Israel’s Chief Rabbi Horav David Lau  Full Story, Photos


    Israel’s Chief Rabbi Horav Dovid Lau visited Crown Heights on Thursday, as part of his tour of American Jewish communities. He was hosted in the President Street home of community activist R’ Chanina Sperlin, for a consequential meeting with members of Crown Heights Beis Din Rabbis Aharon Yaakov Shwei and Yosef Yeshaya Braun, as well as other activists and Shluchim.

    Rabbi Sperlin emceed the event, and following Birchas Kohanim and some opening remarks, invited the local Rabbonim to offer words of blessing. Subsequently, New Jersey Shliach Rabbi Yosef Karlbach offered some remarks as the representative of the Shluchim, especially with the International Kinus Hashluchim on the horizon.

    Present were noted educators and administrators of local Yeshivos Rabbis Hirshel Lustig and Zusha Wilhelm, as well as Vaad Hakahol Chairman Zaki Tamir, and community activists rabbis Eli Cohen, Yaakov Goldstein, and Velvel Konikov.

    Rabbi Shalom Yaakov Chazan utilized the opportunity to thank Rabbi Lau, under whose leadership the Chief Rabbinate changed the Luchos on their logo from round to square, congruent with the Rebbe’s opinion about the Luchos. In addition, Rabbi Lau instructed that a large representation of a square Luchos be affixed to the new building currently being constructed to house the rabbinate.

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    Chief Rabbi Welcomed by Crown Heights Community