Chasing Down The Knockers



    Chasing Down The Knockers

    When a black teen decided to try and do a “knockout” to a Bochur in Crown Heights, he wasn’t expecting what happened next… ● Crown Heights Shmira obtained video footage of the incident ● Watch


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    1. bourchn

      Too bad the ‘puncher’ didn’t land in the hospital in critical condition. Striking a Jew makes him/her ‘chiav misa.’

    2. em iolhs

      Here is the problem guys, we need to learn from our friends
      in St Luis how to get the government to respond, instead what we have is a
      sleeping community council who could barely scratch together a few dollars for
      the riots and the murder of Yaankel Rosenblum, then the pigs beat the h… out
      of one of our boys in a neighborhood shul on Yom Tov and then get caught lying
      on top of it after we BH had the video, so what do you think he is getting ha?
      sleeping bunch of idiots, while they hunt down shochat as if he was some kind
      of Al-qaeda or ISIS member, but to find and put away forever, these knockout
      thugs nahhhhhhh, why the in the world should anyone want to volunteer to
      protect our kids in the neighborhood if they are going to be shoved under the
      bus when the going gets hot, yene community council, chutttt.

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    Chasing Down The Knockers