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    In this address, the Rebbe exhorts with tremendous intensity to his listeners that everyone has the responsibility to do everything possible to bring about the Redemption. The Rebbe is not the only one responsible for bringing Moshiach. Everyone is accountable • Full Article

    In this address, the Rebbe exhorts with tremendous intensity to his listeners that everyone has the responsibility to do everything possible to bring about the Redemption. The Rebbe is not the only one responsible for bringing Moshiach. Everyone is accountable. This talk both galvanized and scared his followers. Until then, they had relied on the Rebbe.  Now, the Rebbe was relying on them.


    Written by Mrs. Tsyrl Turen, Principal of Bnos Rabbeinu High School

    How is it possible that, despite everything that has been done to bring the Redemption until now, Moshiach did not come in literal actuality? This is incomprehensible.

    There is also an additional astonishment:  Now there are many tens of people gathered together here, and in an auspicious time in connection to the Redemption. Nevertheless, they are not forcing the coming of Moshiach. They feel that most likely tonight, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, Moshiach will not come.

    When they scream “‘Ad Mosai– how long will this bitter Exile continue?”’ it is because of the command. If they were intending and requesting and crying truthfully, it is absolutely certain that Moshiach would have already come as G-d always responds to heartfelt entreaties.

    What else can I do in order that all Jews should storm and cry in truth and actually accomplish bringing the Moshiach?  All that was done until now did not help. Our proof that nothing helped is that there is still Exile, and primarily an inner Exile, in terms of divine service.

    The only thing I am able to do is give the matter over to you. Do all in your power matters that are in a manner of lights of Tohu, but in vessels of Tikun, to bring in actuality the righteous Moshiach immediately and literally.

    Tohu is the level of creation that preceded the spiritual reality of Tikun.  In the world of Tohu there were intense spiritual energies in vessels not capable of containing them.  In Tikun the energies are more constrained and the vessels more substantial. Previously the Rebbe would negate wild ideas with the phrase “Lights of Tohu.” Now he says to use lights of Tohu, unrestrained lights, but channel them.  The Rebbe is saying – bring Moshiach by doing what would formerly have been considered out of bounds, but package it acceptably in the world’s eyes. An example of this approach is in publicizing the Lubavitcher Rebbe as Moshiach. Identifying the Rebbe as Moshiach was a behind-closed-doors discussion whispered between committed followers. After this talk this concept, taboo for public consumption, became presented to the world, using a variety of strategies. Reach the intellectual through theology, the emotional through impactful stories of the Rebbe’s wonders and enormous care for each individual, and the everyman through sophisticated use of current media techniques. For example, a three-minute video was produced concluding in an opportunity to sign one’s acceptance of the Rebbe as Moshiach. The goal was 70,000 signatures in three days. The goal was achieved.

    It should be the will of G-d that in the end there will be found ten stubborn people who will succeed in bringing the Redemption.  Surely they will succeed. As it is written, “because he is a stubborn stiff-necked people,” positively speaking, therefore “and You shall forgive our sin and our error and make us an inheritance” to bring the true Redemption in actuality. All mankind could bring Redemption; Jews specifically have stubbornness that should be utilized for this purpose.

    To hasten this even more, I will add and give money to each one of you to give to charity, and “great is charity that hastens the Redemption.”

    I did my part. Do all that is in your ability.

    This talk motivated the Rebbe’s followers to do their utmost to bring Redemption. Many began new projects, from creating an ad campaign to heighten Moshiach awareness to cataloguing the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s talks on Moshiach to gathering to rejoice and thank G-d for the imminent Redemption.        

    It should be G-d’s will that there should be found one, two, or three from among you that will strategize what to do and how to do it. The main thing is that they should accomplish and bring the true and complete Redemption and from joy.

    Shifting the responsibility to common man was an empowering moment. It frightened people- is the Rebbe retiring? It inspired people; one person can change the destiny of mankind. The overall response was a serious investment in doing more to bring Moshiach now.


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