31 New Niggunim Pour in from Across The World Ahead of Deadline




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    31 New Niggunim Pour in from Across The World Ahead of Deadline

    An astonishing amount – 31 new Niggunim were submitted for the Rebbe’s new Kapital for the upcoming year – to begin on Yud Alef Nissan 5783. To date 62 Niggunim have been submitted from composers around the world. Niggunim can be sent in till tonight, 4 Nissan to the Vaad • Listen

    Niggun from Baal Hemnagen Rabbi Sholom Halevi Boruchshtadt of Crown Heights:

    Niggun from Motty Hertz:

    Niggun from Yosef Y. Lipskier from Melbourne. Australia

    Two niggunim made by bochurim from Oholei Torah Mesivta Shiur Alef:

    Niggun from Hatomim Eli Rimler of Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey:

    Niggun from Hatomim Nisson Meyer Greenberg of Bonita Springs FL. /Shluchim Online school:

    Niggun from Hatomim Yosef Ben Moshe, Crown Heights:

    Niggun from the Talmidei Hashluchim of Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto:

    Nigun from Hatomim Yisroel Melamed of Shiur Daled, Oholei Torah Zal:

    Special: Russian Niggun from Viktor Edut of S. Jose, California

    Niggun from Hatomim Shmuel Goldstien, 7th grade, Crown Heights:

    Niggun from Hatomim Avrohom Rabenu Shiur Gimmel, Tzfas Zal:

    Nigun from Hatemimim Hillel Mendelman and Eliyahu Shaltar, Netanya Mesivta:

    Nigun from Hatemimim Levi Yitzchak Niasof and Menachem Mendel Yelen of Shiur Daled, Oholei Torah Zal:

    Niggun from Hatomim Levi Zalmanov, Kevutzah 5783:

    Niggun from Menachem Mendel Baran, Crown Heights:

    Niggun from Hatemimim Moshe Turen and Kalman Shmukler of Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinati:

    Niggun from Hatomim Mendel Wilshansky, Mesivta Tzfas:


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    Niggun from Hatomim Yosef Cohen and music by Yosef Kolton of Mesivta Toras Emes:

    Niggun from the Steinberg family, Kfar Chabad:


    Niggun from Hatomim Yechiel Pekarski of Yeshivas Lubavitch, Suffield, Connecticut:

    Niggun from the Talmidim of Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Poconos:

    Niggun from the Talmidim of Yeshivah Gadola Toronto:

    Niggun from Rabbi Shlomo Jacobson, Israel

    Niggun from Hatemimim Zalman Gurelick and Oz Gat of 770:

    Niggun from Hatemimim Tzvi Hersch and Levi Herner and music by Alor Valner:

    Niggun from Reuven Emanuelov, Krit Shmuel, Haifa

    Niggun from Hatomim Schneur Zalman Bakerman:

    Niggun from Schneur Zalman Ledayov, France

    Niggun from Hatomim Menachem Mendel Ben Moshe, 770


    Anash and temimim who have worked tirelessly to compose niggunim to be entered into the competition are asked to send their compositions to the vaad by Sunday, 4 Nissan, allowing the committee enough time to deliberate.

    Niggunim can be sent to the vaad to: [email protected].

    ChabadInfo will continue to publicize the nigunim as they come in, allowing the community at large to enjoy the variety of niggunim in the leadup to 11 Nissan. Readers and composers can share their niggunim at [email protected]. or message us on WhatsApp by clicking here.


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    31 New Niggunim Pour in from Across The World Ahead of Deadline