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    1. This guy is unreal

    2. Donald Trump was 69 when he became President, he didn’t celebrate his 70th bday till June & in this recording Rabbi Wolf says he was 70 yrs of age, it wasn’t till 5 months later, but however this is truly amazing what he’s saying

      Just some info
    3. I beg to differ in that Trump is not at all “grob”. You got that from one comment he made about women, years back. One and no more, and then too he only stated a fact. He donated to Jewish causes all the time – as he learned to do from his father, who did so. Otherwise, Moshiach now!

    4. Dear Yossi,
      President Donald Trump was 70 when he became president.

      Boruch Hoffinger
    5. Was actually 70 years and 220 days old at the time of the inauguration.

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