The Weekly Sicha video was established in 1996 in answer to the great thirst of chassidim to be able to hear, view and learn the Rebbe’s teachings from the Rebbe himself, even after Gimel Tamuz.

    The Weekly Sicha is produced on a professional level, and still it is not for entertaining purposes, rather, the purpose is to educate the viewers, Anash with the Rebbe’s קאך, הוראות and especially the צו השעה to educate and bring ourselves to live with Moshiach in a פנימיות as the Rebbe wants.

    We are proud to say that since then, several other organizations have copied our format and are disseminating the Rebbe’s talks in similar styles.

    The format of TWS weekly program contains four segments;
    1. A Sicha, Talk by the Rebbe on the parsha, often infused with the topic of Moshiach.
    2. Personal Encounters – People receiving blessing and advice from the Rebbe on a one to one basis, often coinciding with the Parsha of the week.
    3. A one minute ‘vort’, a saying about Moshiach from the Rebbe.
    4. A nigun, chassidic song, sung at a farbrengen with the Rebbe.

    All clips are subtitled in English.

    This weekly program is accessible to subscribers by email, online and on DVD by mail and is sent to people around the globe.

    You can become a member and also support an important Moisad that disseminates the Rebbe’s Torah by paying $180.00 for weekly email links, (That is only $3.40 per week). You and your community can enjoy viewing and learning from the Rebbe.

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