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    • The Rebbe’s Niggunim Part 2

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      The Rebbe’s Niggunim Part 2


        Volume One of The Rebbe’s Niggunim took Chabad by storm. Children all over the world spent hours singing the niggunim with excitement and koach. Now, just in time for Gimmel Tammuz, Volume 2 has been released.

        In the words of Producer and Director, Chaim Hershkowitz, “After we launched The Rebbe’s Niggunim #1, we got dozens of emails, texts, pictures and videos of children singing the niggunim. The parents profusely thanked me for the amazing video that we created. As soon as supporters stepped forward, we began working on Volume 2.”

        Special thanks goes to Dovid & Malkie Smetana for their encouragement and generosity. Many others, including all those that gave to the charidy campaign, also helped make it happen.

        The Rebbe’s Niggunim Vol 2 is made for Chabad children of all ages and educational levels. It highlights the seven remaining Niggunim that the Rebbe introduced on Simchas Torah between 1954 and 1963. “Our goal was not just to record these special melodies,” says Chaim Hershkowitz, “We wanted kids to sense the excitement when he told the story behind each niggun, and feel the excitement when he sang it.”

        The Rebbe’s Niggunim Vol 2 integrates realistic drawings of the Rebbe teaching each niggun, video clips of the Rebbe singing, and live-action music videos with Benny Friedman, Eighth Day, Shlomo Simcha, Chaim Fogelman as well as other special surprises!

        The Rebbe’s Niggunim Vol 2 is available at local Jewish retail outlets. It can also be ordered and watched online at

        For bulk orders please email [email protected]

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