Beis Moshiach
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    1. it’s a good news, that almost after 30 yrs they wake up, the rabbi himself mentioned it. The question is which Moshiach are we supposed to greet and accept? Until the full truth about the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach didn’t come out (and this rabbi obviously knows it), the world, which is so ready, is getting half the truth, and that’s like a woman half pregnant, no such thing. Only the full, uncensored truth from the Prophet will get the job done. Bhatzlocha

      Asher Rozenfeld
    2. I don’t get it. What’s the elephant in the room. Asher Rozenfeld or anybody else that sees this and knows the answer, please respond.

    3. Why are we afraid to do what the world thinks is crazy? It’s not the first time! We’ve always been the first. So we’re should have been doing it 30 years ago, when the Rebbe told us to.
      It’s hard to be different? To be looked upon as though we went crazy? But that’s always been our job! Not only the shluchim! Every Lubavitcher! To be telling the world that the Rebbe is Melech HaMoshiach. To tell the world that saying Yechi Hamelech gives strength to the Melech. To encourage the world to accept the Melech Hamoshiach verbally. To give ourselves over to him, like the Yiddin did towards Dovid Hamelech!
      It’s our Shlichus as Chassidim of the Rebbe, whom we heard saying it! The Rebbe gave the job over to us, not because he’s Chas Vishalom letting go, but because he knew we could do it! Unfortunately it’s taking us longer to take this step. But we’re finally starting! Let’s ALL do it!

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