• Teachers Rally to Support Maor

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      Teachers Rally to Support Maor


        As Lubavitcher Mechanchim, we enter the classroom everyday with the mission to inspire and uplift. We want our students to feel the same energy and enthusiasm to live as the Rebbe’s Chassidim that we grew up with before Gimmel Tammuz.

        Unfortunately, nurturing a real and practical connection to the Rebbe has been a difficult task. This is a connection that needs to be cultivated from the youngest ages. While we would stand for hours by Farbengens and soak up the Rebbe’s words, our students have trouble sitting through a short video of a Sicha.

        But all that changed three years ago!

        Maor Kids Videos brings the Rebbe’s Horaos to life with fun and relatable animated characters, interactive questions and opportunities to win prizes! The Rebbe becomes alive in the classroom!

        These videos lead to lively discussions, reflective questions and practical examples.

        “My students look forward to the three days a week that it’s Maor video day!” a teacher from Crown Heights excitedly texted us. The Maor Videos is one of the biggest prizes my class can earn, and they make sure to earn it often!” says a teacher from Toronto!

        “The Rebbe becomes alive on the children’s level… through these videos the child understands it’s not just their parents and grandparents Rebbe, but everyone’s Rebbe… Please support this most amazing organization!” says Mrs. Esther Wilhelm.

        Join me in joining Maor on #MaorDay and give openly to an organization that is investing in our future. You can’t put a price on the future of Hiskashrus, and Maor works daily to keep it that way.

        Maor only has 48 hours to raise $200,000!
        The campaign is all or nothing….
        Your support is needed to help them reach their goal!
        Click Here and help bring the Rebbe to the classroom!

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