• While Sydney, Australia is in the midst of a strict lockdown, Rabbi Motti Feldman and his son Rabbi Menachem Feldman, both Shluchim in the Dover Heights Shule, sang a beautiful rendition of “Ochila Lakel” to inspire their community during the month of Elul.

    “We have chosen to sing this song in the midst of lockdown”, writes Rabbi Menachem, “singing in a Shule with no congregants, with restrictions and limitations that we have never experienced before. Nevertheless, we prepare this year for Yom Tov knowing that G-d is with us. In the darkness we will find meaning, faith and strength.  We pray that G-d opens our mouths in song. We ask that we  find inspiration to pray to G-d, in whichever way he sees fit that this should take place.”

    The video features subtitles in both Hebrew and English, giving the listener the most meaningful experience while enjoying the moving song.


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