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    • Shmuel Halevi’s First Music Video “Hevron”

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      Shmuel Halevi’s First Music Video “Hevron”


        Born to rock n’ roll hippies who joined the Hassidic movement, Shmuel’s original compositions fuse both worlds into an unique new sound of music, sure to inspire the listener to dance and sing along.

        “Hevron” is a joyous tune sure to inspire you to dance. The release is timed to correlate with Shabbat Hevron. Abraham purchased the land of Hevron from Efron, even after he was offered it for free. Abraham wanted to ensure that no one can ever dispute that fact that Hevron belongs to the Jewish people.

        For years Shmuel Halevi has been composing beautiful music. Shmuel sang these songs at campfires and kumsitzes. People always encouraged Shmuel to produce his music. Finally, Shmuel has produced his first music video.

        This single is available on most digital music sites entitled “Hevron” by “Shmuel Halevi”

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