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      Shliach Produces New Song


        Rabbi Yossi Rodal, a Shliach in California, originally from Milan, produced a song, titled “Dry Tears.” In this song he shares some of his feeling over the past 12 years, ever since his life has been changed forever.

        In 2006, after battling with cancer for six short months, my younger sister Reizi, passed away at the tender age of ten years old. I was twelve.

        To help me navigate the inner feelings of pain, I started writing and composing. I had a lot of questions.

        Time doesn’t heal, it just dries your tears.

        After 13 years, I went to therapy and I finally managed to confront my twelve-year-old self and let him know that it’s ok to accept that we don’t understand, that you will never heal if you’re looking to find a reason. You just can’t see it now.

        A major step in healing is acceptance. It took me ten years to go visit my sister’s grave; I thought if I denied it, she wouldn’t die. But really, once I was able to let go, I gave her new life. I learned how humans are incredibly fragile, yet resilient. We all have traumas, but we make the choice to pick ourselves up. I learned the difference between having depression and being depressed.

        Six months ago, my own Baby Reizi was born.

        “Dry tears” is my story.

        It’s the journey I still travel every day.

        I hope that by sharing it, I can help you relate to your inner 12-year-old, and tell them that you are allowed to start healing.

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