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    1. Yes, it happened to me… the days before credit cards on which to put tuition., We did not own a home so there was no home to mortgage for tuition either. Money was scraped together for the boys to go to Yeshiva. But there was not one penny for spending money. One could always cash in abandoned glass soda and milk bottles and/or find money coins in the street. We had no relatives with money. We had no money. The boys took the intercity bus to Yeshiva. They were left in a shvartze neighborhood abandoned late at night by their uncaring boarding parents to wait for the return bus. Real mesiras nefesh. Hashem ya’azor.

      The girls had to go to public school, more mesiras nefesh. I was the only Jewish and frum girl in my school. B’H gym was separate for boys and girls in those days. I experienced anti-Semitism starting at a very young age…and still do. After coming from a Yom Tov absence I was met by the ‘luminaries’ that had already been to juvenile prison and back in school again, asking me and telling me, “Hey girl, whe ya been?” ” We know whe ya been.” I used to go home for lunch, but not after this: I came back a few minutes too early. These same ‘luminaries’ asking and telling me where I’d been as they walked toward me to trap me. Terrified, I ran away to my class…it was locked until the top of the hour. Hashem saved me. I brought my lunch after that. One of my classmates inexplicably left during the school year. She came back with her baby, at age 14!!!! My sister had a knife pulled on her. Have you heard of release time? Sure there was…for the goyim. They came back with such hateful stares toward me.
      They taught sewing in public shcool, More seyata dishemaya. I sewed tsnius Shabbos clothes for myself…..and still do. Cheders/high schools would do well to teach sewing for tsnius purposes.

      Well, I am able to relate to ‘all kinds’ now. During the day I explained myself away about what it is to be Jewish. During the night, at Hebrew School, I explained myself away about what it is to be frum. Oh, their grandparents were religious, they would tell me.That was a long time ago……no one does that now…..
      I learned at home and on my own whatever and whenever I could. I still do.
      We got scholarships to go to summer camp. We took the train all the way just to catch a bus to camp itself. More mesiras nefesh and siyata dishemaya. We had more emunah/yiras shamayim than those Yeshiva deFlatbush/Yeshiva Central Queens kids did. I could not understand, at that time, how they, with all their knowledge were less frum than me, with less knowledge than they. They didn’t understand how I was more religious either.
      With a lot of siyata dishemaya, all of us stayed frum. Most of us joined Chabad. Hence, I came upon this video.
      It is clearly not worth taking the chance on public school. Move ‘next door’ to the Yeshiva at all costs. Find a gvir or a mileage credit card….anything, to send your kids to Yeshiva. And walk the talk at home too. That is key. That is what saved us all.

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