Kinus 82

    Your mind replays a motivational line that you’d like to etch in your memory forever. Then the phone rings, and the quote is buried somewhere in the recesses of your brain cells.

    Yesterday, you were inspired. Where does that leave you today?


    This week’s Parsha is titled by one of its first words, Acharei, which means “After.”
    This Parsha takes place after the sudden death of the two sons of Aharon. Their passion and yearning for closeness to Hashem compelled them to enter the off-limits Kodesh Hakadashim. They reached the highest heights of spirituality but never made it back. They failed to foresee the “Acharei,” the call of the moment after their experience, and their highly inspirational service ended with their tragic death. Here, the Torah gives the surviving kohanim direction on how to avoid this happening again.

    Another segment of Parshas Acharei is a list of various forbidden relations. Surprisingly, this section is read in shul on the afternoon of Yom Kippur. Wouldn’t a portion discussing a lofty, spiritual theme, many of which the Torah includes, be more apropos at such an inspirational moment?

    The tragic death of Aharon’s sons teaches us that on Yom Kippur, as we stand at the height of our spiritual experience, we cannot lose sight of the moment after Yom Kippur. The inspiration of Yom Kippur will likely fade away, unless it is anchored in something connected to our mundane, everyday experience.

    Before the spark of inspiration passes, consider your next step. Mold your motivation into a tangible and practical plan. You can then take pride in what you have to show for the moment after as well.

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