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    • Purim Medley with Micha Gamerman

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      Purim Medley with Micha Gamerman


        In honor of Chodesh Adar, Brazilian Superstar Micha Gamerman is releasing the first song off his upcoming Moadei Yisrael Im Micha Gamerman album entitled the “Purim Medley“.

        The song is being released as a uniquely original animated music video created by VemVer Films Production featuring Micha and some children.

        While new albums are being released weekly (if not daily), most of the songs on these album don’t have longevity that the songs of yesteryear had. However, there ARE songs that are known worldwide connected to the Chagim, that have been sung for many generations, no matter one’s background or location. These songs are part of the Jewish people, and our history.

        Unfortunately, for non-religious Jews, or the many who have strayed from the path, their children/grandchildren will never get to learn these treasured melodies.

        It was for that reason that Micha Gamerman set on a path to create the ultimate Chagim album, featuring these songs of old with new exciting arrangements created by the talented duo of Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry. Moadei Yisrael Im Micha Gamerman consists of six medleys, one for each of the major chagim; Purim, Pessach, Shavuot, Yamim Noraim (Rosh Hashana/Yom Kipur), Sukot and Chanuka. This album has so much energy and flavor that the Chaguim come alive for everyone, both young and old.

        It is well known that 30 days before a Chag/Yom Tov, one should familiarize themselves with the laws and customs in order to be prepared. Music has that power to get one in the mood and bring back those feelings we get on that particular holiday. What better way to prepare for the upcoming Yom Tov season of Purim/Pessach/Shavuot than to hear the melodies of old re-created like you have never heard before.

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