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    • Oholei Torah: What is Breitkeit?

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      Oholei Torah: What is Breitkeit?


        What is Breitkeit?

        The Rebbe uses the term breitkeit and harchava in numerous letters to Oholei Torah:

        Broadening the most-important work of strengthening pure holy education in general, and in the context of Oholei Torah specifically.”

        “To establish tangible help for the basis of the institution “Oholei Torah” and its broad expansiveness, quantitatively and qualitatively together.”

        “May it be with great success, to empower the existence and broadening of this educational institute, quantitatively (more students) and qualitatively (ability to deepen the learning).”

        Breitkeit is Ufaratzta, is spreading outward and upward, is expansiveness, is thinking big and always growing.

        With classic breitkeit, Oholei Torah, the flagship school and educational powerhouse of Chabad Lubavitch, is thinking big by launching our “Think Breit” Charidy Campaign.

        And we need you to be a part of it!

        The Rebbe instilled in each and every one of us the quality of breitkeit, of thinking big and changing the world. Oholei Torah, since its inception, has been committed to expansiveness, to broadening minds, to expanding our abilities, and to widening our reach. And so are you!

        Baruch Hashem, Oholei Torah has outgrown their current facilities and is purchasing the adjacent building at 639 eastern parkway to expand our campus. We can partner to broaden our horizons and, as the Rebbe taught us, surely Hashem will bless us in kind!

        On February 13th, 28th of Shvat, we will begin our kickoff campaign.

        Thank you for thinking breit together with us.


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