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    1. Thank u for sharing this beautiful Nigun of Reb Hillel Paritcher, the violinist Reb Mordechai did an amazing beautiful job, I never knew that Yud Aleph Menachem Av was Reb Hillel’s Yartzeit, in all these years, thank u, Thank u

      Yitzchak Mordechai
    2. Wow !! Such a Great Job done by Reb Mordechai, Outstanding !! Thank u Chabadinfo for sharing that today is Reb Hillel’s Yartzeit, in Yeshivah they never mentioned it, even though he was from the Greatest of Lubavitch Chassidim,

      Moshe Eliyahu
    3. Great Job !! Amazing !! Beautiful !! Reb Mordechai your the man !! Is he performing outside the Kever of Reb Hillel ?

      Avraham Shimon
    4. ‘Todah raabah,’ Chabadinfo.com & R’Mordechai Brodsky SUPERB!

      Boruch N Hoffinger
    5. Thank you for this. It was mamosh a mechayeh.

    6. Always interested in everything concerning Reb Hillel. I feel a very special connection to him. I was born on his yahrtzeit. He was a Levi and so am I. The Rebbe devotes part of a sicha to the famous story of his only “encounter” with the Alter Rebbe and in another sicha the significance of the 11th of Menachem Av. Thank you for sharing.

      Shimon Kroll
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