• New Song: Marching Out United

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      New Song: Marching Out United


        In honor of the month of Tishrei, when thousands of guests come to spend this special time of the year with the Rebbe, a new song was just released describing the uniqueness of 770, and its relevance to us.

        Lyrics and music: Levi G.
        Arrangements: Sruli Stock, Aron Siderov
        Solo: Mordechai Cadaner
        (T.T.T.O. Shir mizmor livnei korach)

        Although we’re now in Galus,
        exiled far away,
        the Shechina is still with us, in a
        Mikdosh where Hashem does stay,
        from there to the entire world,
        the kedusha makes its way.

        they come from far and near,
        Tishrei, every year,
        the place to reflect,
        to rejuvenate, and reconnect,
        Thousands come to be –
        here in 770.

        Beis Rabeinu Shebebavel,
        here the Rebbe shows the way,
        guiding and directing,
        every part of our day,
        Shechina lo zaza mimkoma
        with the Rebbe now we stand,
        Preparing for Geulah
        Hand and hand.

        Very soon, it will come down
        from heaven ready-made,
        A Beis Hhamidosh, finally
        The Shechina all displayed,
        Together out of Golus
        On the clouds in a parade
        B’mheira Biyameinu, Amen!

        Suddenly we’ll skip a beat
        We’ll see the Rebbe here,
        The dream of Golus,
        in a flash, will swiftly disappear
        Marching out united all – with
        To the makom Beis Hamikdash Hashlishi.

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