• Shluchim Rabbi Motti and Menachem Feldman of Sydney, Australia’s Dover Heights Shule released another rendition of a classic yamim noraim melody while under strict lockdown. “It’s hard to describe our emotions when recording this niggun,” they write, “knowing that tomorrow, for the first time since it’s opening, our Shule will be closed for Yom Kippur.”

    “We closed our eyes, and our hearts were transported to Yom-Kippur  pre-covid. The spirit, energy and inspiration of the whole community gathered together, carried us from year to year.

    “We sing this prayer, in an empty Shule, with our dear members and friends in mind. Nothing can really break us apart. In our soul we are always one, and in our prayers we are always together. We look forward to the moment that we will all once again daven and celebrate together in our beautiful Shule. We know that day is near.

    “May Hashem bless our community and all of Am Yisrael with a Gmar Chasima Tova. May all our prayers be heard in heaven and may the coming year bring with it healing, peace and blessings to all of us, Amen.”

    Sydney has been under strict lockdown for months already, paralyzing any and all Jewish community life, forcing the shuls as well to close down, leaving people at home for the yamim noraim.


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