Music: Yeish Novi B’Yisroel


    הצלה 1290

    Music: Yeish Novi B’Yisroel

    Yeish Novi B’Yisroel

    Lyrics by Shmuel Granovetter

     (T.T.T.O. Yerushalayim – MBD) – Open Your Eyes #3

    Scattered in the different lands
    We did our task at hand
    We have become now more refined

    The ma’ayanos now are spread
    In every language read
    It’s understood by all mankind

    Nevua has returned
    It’s just what we have yearned
    Standing at the post of the Geula’s door

    We have a Novi in our midst
    To lead and to assist
    The Jewish Nation at its chore

    The Rebbe our Novi knows just what to do
    He gives out clear instructions for every single Jew
    Hundreds of leaders ask him for advice
    Every single word he says is perfect and precise

    Yeish Novi B’Yisroel

    Let the world know
    Through his holy mouth
    Hashem’s words do flow
    Eilov Tishmoun
    With whatever he will show
    Including his Nevua – “Hinei ze Moshiach bo”!!!

    The six-day war caused much concern
    They all to one did turn
    The Rebbe’s voice brought peace of mind

    In the holy land is Hashem
    He’s always watching them
    There is no threat of any kind

    The mighty Russian wall will fall
    So build the houses tall
    To fit the Yidden coming out

    Sadam Chussein sent many scuds
    There was no shed of blood
    The Rebbe’s prophecy came about

    The Rebbe’s words are lasting, there’s never room to fear
    Especially his promise: Moshiach’s very near
    “I’ve done all I can and now it’s in your hands”
    Let’s get this Golus out of here and see the Promised Land


    1. N.S.

      Wow!! what a beautiful song the lyrics excellently assembled.

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