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    1. B”H Thanks for sharing this… if we would only all have his ability to grasp the meaning of the nigunim, get straight to the point, and to do so with focus, and reaching to the sky, in a spirit of Ahavas Yisroel. It should be widely shared, in a way consistent with the guidance of his parents and mashpi’im! Watching and sharing such a video can truly bring the Redemption closer.

      Mrs. Altmann
    2. Hartzig
      a touch of chizzuk gratifying in the darkness of the night in gulis when suffrage is at every turmoil
      Yoshir koich for boosting chizzuk for all of klal yisroel it is reassuring when someone of purity sings it
      what a treist amazing production thanks for sharing it!

      T. Zupnick & Rifky Guttman
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