Mezuzah Saga: Judaica World Responds




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    Mezuzah Saga: Judaica World Responds

    Since the Mezuza Fraud Saga has blown onto the Chabad world stage, has been at the forefront of reporting on the developing story. is continuing to closely monitor for additional updates and feedback, as well as responses from the Mezuza retailers and establishments. will update the story as additional information becomes available • Listen

    1. Missed the point

      Can someone kindly address the issue that people were sold these Mezuzos as Kosher “%100” when in fact they are extremely questionable?!?!

      And not beat around the bush – the point addressed by the “investigation” was to make people aware that these Mezuzos were being sold as acceptable however they MUST be checked first.

    2. To #1

      Yes they ARE ch3cked thoroughly by the reputable magihim in these establishments. NO ONE sells any item w/o being checked first!
      They ARE Kosher but not mehudar. Simple very basic.

    3. george

      excuse me rabbi if a mezuzah is pasul than you cant even take thirty bucks for it
      ill tell you one thing i dont sell thirty dollar mezuzahs at all my cheapest mivtzoim mezuzah is 45 bucks (and other stores sell it as mehudar which i think is a disgrace but anyway)
      im sorry that you got ripped off
      one point that must be made clear is that a mezuzah with a psul is a piece is shaymes !!!!!!! it doesnt achieve anything by having it on the door
      i recomend you talk the issue over with your suplier and you should get your money back and also give money back to anyone who bought a mezuzah from you and found it to be posul
      imagine i started selling shaymes from my office?!??!?
      talk to your sofer find out if the mazuzah is kosher or not and if not get your money back and change suppliers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. This guy....

      Really???? That’s your explanation??? Uggghhhh

    5. Shmulik

      One second !!
      If someone is not Lubavitch you don’t mind selling him a piece of junk that looks like a Mezuza but it’s not kosher?? A posul Mezuza is not a Mezuza!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Shimon Shak

      Yeah you have to yave a brain. When the bais din chicken is on sale for 1.99/lb stay away cause it’s likely treif?!?!?! Wow!! Way to go improve the situation!!! SMH

    7. funny

      they are kosher mezuzahs just rabbi wolff does not like them

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