• JETS Yeshiva Wishes You a ‘Happy New Year’

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      JETS Yeshiva Wishes You a ‘Happy New Year’


      All aspects of this film was created by the JETS students and staff.
      Produced by: JETS Creative Wing
      Written by: Yotam Menachem Lerman, Zalmy Raksin
      Directed by: Menachem Weinstein
      Wardrobe & Design: Sroli Raksin
      Filmed by: Mendel Grossbaum, Ariel Fikh, Mendel Segall
      Actors: Leibel Muchnik, Yotam Menachem Lerman, Nati Zygelbaum, Yisroel Sputz, Mendel Rubashkin, Zalmy Raksin

      Thank you: Mendy Pellin Media, Rabbi M Schmukler, Mendel Goldman, Tafari Aird and the whole JETS family

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