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    1. Did the Rebbe permit the OK hashgocho to give a hechsher to chalav Stam products?.While cholov Yisroel is the way every Jew should keep, Rabbi Paltiel’s reasoning is a little confusing. First he says about a Rebbe saying to listen to the rulings of a Rav then he says that we keep cholov Yisroel because of what a Rebbe said , not from the ruling of a Rav.

    2. I think the Rebbe did in fact condone the fact that the OK gives a hechsher on dairy products even though it is not cholov yisroel because at least this way many Jews that are not holding on that level yet will nevertheless still have many more kosher products to eat Kosher at least on that level – until eventually they will come God willing to keep a higher standard of cholov Yisroel too.

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