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    1. Is it really mutar during Sfira, 2 listen 2 things that r not real music instruments, however when using alternative things, 4 example like in the video, running water, haircut machine, bouncing the basketball, if all these things make a beat & it sounds like real music, does it halachically, become real music bec it makes a beat & sounds like real music, or do we say bec they r not real music instruments so then yes it’s ok 4 sfira. This would make a real difference 2 the extent that an Avel in the 12 months of 4 the passing of a parent, if this isn’t considered real music, he or she would be allowed 2 listen 2 this.

      Moshe Eliyahu
    2. Plz someone ask a Dayan, or Posek who everyone holds by, if u want 2 b neutral, we could ask Lubavitcher Dayanim outside of CH (Crown Heights) 4 example Rav Y Shusterman of Beverly Hills, Rav Shimon Raichik of Los Angeles. Lets see what they say. I’m sure they saw this video or it was presented 2 them, this is a real halachic question

      Moshe Eliyahu
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