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    1. We all have to do whatever we can to for Sh’Lemus Ha’Aretz.

      Those of us with political connections should use their Political Connections.

      Everyone else should do one or more of the following. (You can make a difference)

      Torah study,

      Doven for the safety of the soldiers of the IDF, and for all residents of the Holy Land (suggestion: Psalms 20, 22, 69 and 150).

      Charity and acts of kindness: Put a coin in a charity box, give a gift of money to a fellow in need or to a charitable cause, or extend a helping hand to someone who needs it.

      Because the Rebbe Shlita said if we neglect Sh’Lemus Ha’Aretz.
      This will put the lives of Jews all over the world in danger.

    2. On a positive note: Even though The fight for Sh’Lemus Ha’Aretz seems overwhelming. We need to remember what it was like to fight for Yiddishkeit in the Former Soviet Union (the 2nd most powerful country in the world).

      And with the Rebbe’s brochos & guidance we won. & now the Soviet Union only exists in history books.


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