• Chazzan Helfgot Visits Oholei Torah

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      Chazzan Helfgot Visits Oholei Torah


        As the Gala Dinner of Oholei Torah is just over a week away, Chazzan Yitzchok Meir Helfgot visited Oholei Torah together with Mendel Duchman of Los Angeles, CA. They both will play key roles at the event, as Chazzan Helfgot will be giving a concert and Mendel Duchman will be the key-note speaker.

        During the visit, Chazzan Helfgot met many of the Talmidim, and quickly found himself to be amongst friends, even joining in a chavaursa session. After the visit, Chazzan Helfgot was visibly impressed with the high level of learning, both in the cheder as well as in the Raitport Beis Medrash.

        The Gala Dinner is the culmination of the Shnas HaShishim campaign of Oholei Torah, by honoring a group of 60 Alumni, who represent the thousands of alumni around the world. The vast majority of the 60 Alumni will be attending, many coming from all parts of the world.

        There is much talk and excitement of this community event, and the Board of Directors are anticipating a much larger amount of attendees. Special video presentations, an intriguing program and much effort have been put into this year’s gala event – ensuring that it will be both a memorable and most enjoyable evening.

        The dinner office asked, if you plan on participating, or placing a Journal ad please do so before this Friday – May 19th, 23 of Iyar.

        For more information on the dinner, please see or call the Dinner office at 718-483-9000.


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