• ‘Yafutzu’ Leads Charge of Spreading Chassidus

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      ‘Yafutzu’ Leads Charge of Spreading Chassidus


        The ‘Yafutsu – Hafotsas Hamayonois’ organization was made with the goal of helping spread out Chassidus and the Rebbe’s Torah to everyone! Over 22,000 Acharis HaYamim publications are sent out by bochurim every week nationwide as well as to Eretz Yisrael, London, Melbourne Australia and more!

        When the bochurim go from city to city to hand out the publication, they become the “Mobile Chabad” and people ask them questions on Chasiddus and to buy seforim for them, often leading to the establishment of classes in Chassidus.

        During special yoma dapagras, such as Yud Tes Kislev, the Bochurim go to various communities and have Farbrengens to that inspire additional learning and joyful service of Hashem.

        The project is done by the Bochurim of 770 with the goal of bringing Moshiach now. Now, you, too, can partner in this project by helping support us and make Moshiach happen. Please help this great organization Donate Here


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      1. I am very aware of the great Hafotsas Hamayonois’ this organization is doing, and i also have encountered some people first hand that have been Niskarve to Chabad, the Rebbe and most importantly His message about Yemos HaMoshiach and Melech HaMoshiach. I DONATED TO THIS CAUSE!!!

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