Buyers Beware: Mezuzah Scandal Uncovered




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    Buyers Beware: Mezuzah Scandal Uncovered

    Just as Jewish law demands that the food that is eaten be ‘Kosher”, the same applies to a Mezuzah. Unfortunately, many stores, even operated by Orthodox Jews, are selling Mezuzah’s which have questionable kosher status or simply not kosher. Rabbi Moshe Dovid Wolf of Chicago, decided to test the market and see for himself what is going on • Watch

    1. Amazing


    2. Sofer sta"m

      Finally the public is getting to know the truth. We (the sofrim) know this for so long…
      Rabbi Wolf -you are a real “mezake ho’rabim” !!

    3. Anonymous

      Thank you soo much.
      just to note that the only one that came out 100 percent Kosher is Rabbi Raskin, one who is very much involved in Inyonei Moshiach U’geula. like the Rebbe sys, that by learning Inyonei Moshiach U’geula “Ein Ato Bo Liday Aveirah”.

    4. Anonymous

      i wish someone would do this about “kosher” meat

    5. Chimon

      Did Rabbi wolf has permission from rabbanim do this video and send in the whole tire world ?….

    6. Gittin

      I wish that someone would also come forth about some of the problems in Beis DIns that do Gittin (divorces) who are cutting corners…

    7. Malka

      Thank you for doing this.
      Shocking to see the resultsz. Thank you for bringing clarity to this very important issue we’re having in crown heights store. I’m appaled to say the least with the results 🙁

    8. Crown Heights Resident

      The Sofrim who write these cheap Mezuzos have a Halachic Obligation to be very careful that the Mezozos are kosher. The same way a shoochet has a Halachic Obligation to be very careful that the meat he shechts is kosher.

    9. Anonymous

      It’s good this has come to the light.
      But I sure do hope that before you publicised this video with all the names of stores attached you spoke it through with rabonim to make sure that this is the correct way to go about it.

    10. Faitel Lewin

      I’m very saddened to see that you are supporting this vicious calculated terror attack 9n the s8frim and magihim. Is this our derech? To be motzi shem ra? To destroy peoples businesses? Most upsetting is to see how so many people feel that a “noble” act was done here! What was done here, is rishus in the first degree!!! Shameful!!! Anyone that has any concerns can address them with the place that they patronize!
      Again, I urge you to take this down and not lend a hand to a shameful act of sinah and rishus!

    11. Yankel Todres

      It is a very important thing to emphasize that these are all “Mivtoim Mezuzahs”. This video would have you believe that all the mezuzahs sold by these stores are Chas V’sholom Possul.

      These Mezuzahs are made for such a low price that it’s just isn’t realistic to expect a nice mezuzah for so little money, today. As barely Kosher Mezuzahs these are much better than none at all, or totally fraudulent ones printed on paper. In this case, this does, of course, result in a dispute between poskim as to whether these can be considered Kosher L’chatchila. It does, however, seem that even the $50.00 Mivtzoim Mezuzahs are of significantly better quality. Of course If one would be able, it would be nice to provide nicer (more expensive) Mezuzahs to avoid all these issues.

    12. Hello Yankel

      A Mezuza that is posel is known in our language as a piece of shshaymes

      It’s totally useless and should not be sold as a Mezuza

      Definitely not better than nothing

      For a Mezuza to be barely kosher or better than no Mezuza it has to atleast be kosher bdieved which most of them were not

    13. sofer

      Like any business you need to be very careful about your reputation. If you sell something that other sofrim will say is posul that gezunterheit at your own risk!!!
      Don’t cry about it

    14. Shelke

      Look chèvre if you sell something that you know other sofrim will pasul it’s bound to go viral sooner or later.
      Thank Hashem you had business for this long!!!

    15. Genius

      You dudes are so stupid all you stores have an opertunity to quit with Junk and start to sell real Mezuzas YOUL MAKE MUCH MORE GELT instead of 30 you’ll be getting 40 or 50

      People want to buy real Mezuzas!!!
      Don’t cry about your parnoso.
      Use it out for the better!!!

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