קזחסטן 1290
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    1. There are ppl for health reasons or whatever that can’t use wine & they must use GJ (Grape Juice) i think the Rebbe would be understanding in these situations, yes of course wine is the best way to do the Mitzvah but if ppl can’t use wine, there is no room to say that they haven’t fulfilled the Mitzvah bec they use GJ, some ppl when it comes to Havdalah & for whatever reason they need drive & do other things & all they have is 12% or more alcohol wine, they will use GJ, so I’m not saying wine isn’t the best way, of course it is but there are reasons why ppl use GJ & we have to be respectful of other ppl as well, yes we know the Rebbe only only used wine, ty for sharing

      Different health issues
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